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About Me

Over the fifteen years of mentoring & tutoring; I have held 42 full-time residential positions and more than three hundred part-time / after-school positions. Several positions involved travelling with the family through several countries and tutoring on boats, in planes, safaris, deserts and in the middle of jungle.

I am fortunate to encounter and interact with people from varying background on a routine basis. I have benefited vastly from the opportunity accorded to me. In the process, I have acquired and refined my communication and inter-personal skills, enabling me to work successfully as an integral member of a team or alone, without supervision. The resolute determination and focus on achieving my goals has routinely forced me to employ lateral thinking to the hurdles being faced, in a calm and collective manner. I thrive on challenges, and as such look forward to embracing the challenges of tomorrow.

My approach respects the student’s personality and capabilities while challenging their thinking and perceptions. I adopt the Socratic Method in my teaching approach, peppered with fun and humour, to bring out the best in my students.

My Academic Qualifications are as follows:

Corllins, MIT, Harvard & Queen Mary University of London PhD in Nuclear medicine (Chemistry)

Queen Mary University of London MSci in Organic chemistry

Queen Mary University of London BSc (with Hons)

Preston Manor High School A Level (3A’s)

Preston Manor High School GCSE (3A* & 2A)

Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School O Levels (12A*)

Recent Tuition

I’ve worked with over 20 11+ students in preparation for entrance exams to many top London schools.

Amy IB Chemistry (within few weeks from 4 to 6)

Tom IB Chemistry (within two weeks from 3 to 5). Residential tutoring in UK.

Eigmerin IB Chemistry (from 3 to 6)

Rose IB Chemistry & Biology (from 3 to 6 in biology, 3 to 7 in chemistry). Residential tutoring in Nigeria.

Mono IB Chemistry {from 4 to 7 in chemistry}. Residential tutoring in Bangladesh.

Neha IB Chemistry {from 3 to 7 in chemistry}. Residential tutoring in Kenya.

George IB Chemistry (a student with Dyslexia, from 4 to 6 in chemistry). Residential tutoring in Kenya.

Rehan A Level Biology & Chemistry (from D to A*)

Karishma A Level Biology & Chemistry (Within 3 months from E to A*)

Aaron A Level Chemistry (a student with Dyslexia, within 5 weeks from D to B)

Rasheed A Level Biology & Chemistry (from D to A*)

Charley, Stephen, Simon & Chan A Level Chemistry (Mentally challenged students, ranged from D to B / A). Residential tutoring in Kerela.

Under privileged Students O Levels & A Level Health education, RE, Chemistry & Biology (ranged from D to B – A*). Residential Camps, teaching in India, Kenya, Tanzania & Bangladesh.

Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley A Level Biology & Chemistry (Within 4 months, ranged from U/E to B-A*)

Hobbies and Interests

Rowing, ice-skating, rock-climbing, dancing, driving, cooking, swimming, reading articles regarding health, visiting historic sites, watching and playing football, playing throw ball, travelling, watching movies & news channels, listening to the music, voluntary work, personal development and personal empowerment.

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