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We introduce tutors for Chemistry at 13+, GCSE, A Level, IB and beyond.

All of the Chemistry tutors we introduce have superb academic qualifications and a thorough knowledge of the main Chemistry exam boards. These qualities combined with their passion for the subject will make even the most complex chemical formulae and reactions clear and easy to understand – from the simple Reactivity Series and changes of state beloved by Common Entrance examiners to the particulars of organic, inorganic and physical Chemistry. To find the right tutor for your child, we take the time to understand your son or daughter’s requirements and learning style.

To discuss your child’s requirements in greater detail and find the right tutor for them, please call one of our tuition consultants.

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GCSE Chemistry Tuition

We introduce the highest quality, experienced and trusted chemistry tutors who are experts in GCSE and IGCSE chemistry. Whether your child is thriving at school or needs a confidence boost and guidance with GCSE study skills, we will introduce you to a GCSE chemistry tutor to suit their specific needs and preferred pace and style of learning.

An introduction to a private chemistry tutor will help your child to enter the exam room with confidence and knowledge. Chemistry tuition should be fun, dynamic and varied, preparing students for the use of mathematics that they must be confident in for really getting to grips with the GCSE chemistry syllabus. A typical chemistry tutor may begin with lessons on atomic structure, if your child needs to recap the basics, or they might progress straight to an exam question on polymers to focus immediately on exam technique.

A GCSE chemistry tutor can guide your son or daughter with their content knowledge, covering the key concepts in chemistry ahead of important internal or external exams. Development of scientific thinking is an important process and should not be rushed. It is important to invest the time in fully understanding the content before applying this to exam questions and practice papers. Should your child need chemistry tutoring to focus only on exam preparation and GCSE chemistry revision, we will introduce a tutor who has this area of expertise and can incorporate GCSE study skills.

A Level Chemistry Tuition

We introduce private tutors for A Level Chemistry who provide expert guidance for every exam board. Building from a solid foundation in GCSE or IGCSE chemistry, expert chemistry tuition is valuable for those who find bridging the gap between GCSE and A Level particularly challenging. Focused A Level chemistry revision with a chemistry tutor will help your child to secure the highest possible grade in their final exams. Vital to a successful strategy will be adopting a rigorous and structured approach to revising the A Level chemistry material and making time for past paper practice, with regular expert feedback. We will introduce you to a trusted A Level chemistry tutor who has a proven track record and excellent knowledge of physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Whether your child is considering a career in medicine, chemical engineering or forensic chemistry, or simply enjoys the challenge of studying this subject at a higher level, supporting them with their goals at this crucial stage in their academic career is vital. It can range from a few weeks of intensive exam revision to regular weekly lessons with an A Level chemistry tutor.

International Bacclaureate (IB) Chemistry Tuition

We introduce private tutors for IB chemistry standard level (SL) and chemistry higher level (HL).

Engaging an experienced IB chemistry tutor is easy to do with a team of excellent tutors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a tutor to come to your home or to connect with your child for online lessons, we will introduce you to an experienced IB chemistry tutor who can help to boost your child’s confidence and capabilities ahead of the exam.

Chemistry is an experimental science that combines academic study with the acquisition of practical and investigational skills. If your child has chosen to study IB chemistry as a prerequisite for a university course, such as medicine, biological sciences and environmental science it is likely that they will have to score a 5, 6 or 7 in their IB chemistry exams to gain their university place.

If your child is studying science as part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and would like to learn with an experienced chemistry tutor we will also be able to introduce you to a suitably experienced tutor to meet your specific needs.

Pre-U Chemistry Tuition

We introduce expert private tutors for Cambridge Pre-U chemistry who provide guidance with this pre-university course.

The Cambridge Pre-U chemistry course offers a theoretical and practical grounding for the study of chemistry at university and the course was designed with progression to university in mind. Cambridge Pre-U chemistry students are expected to work independently and so usually would not require a private chemistry tutor. In our experience however, the pressure placed on students who are taking one or several Pre-U courses alongside A Levels means expert private tutors are sometimes needed for a short period of intensive support to help your child to feel at their most confident ahead of exams, or to get back on track if they are feeling left behind.

Whether they are aiming for a Pass (P2), a Merit (M2) or Distinction (D2) it is important that your child works with a tutor who understands the Pre-U requirements. Like A Level chemistry, chemistry tutoring at Pre-U level must take place with an expert chemistry tutor who has an excellent knowledge of physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. We introduce Pre-U chemistry tutors with the passion, expertise and proven track record to help our Pre-U students reach their goals. This is usually on a regular weekly basis but can also involve smaller periods of support with chemistry revision ahead of internal exams or the final Pre-U exams. Online chemistry tuition is provided to our Pre-U students who live outside of London.


  • "Christopher has them both in the zone and comprehending what is required and the work and effort needed for the grades they want".

    Mrs. F, Residential GCSE Chemistry Tuition

  • "Janet sometimes gets very stressed about her Chemistry work and Yani is always able to calm her down and go through the content systematically with her. Thank you".

    Mrs. P, IGCSE Chemistry Tuition

  • "Karim is a great tutor and has helped me though the problem classes at UCL. He is very patient and conveys the subject teaching with great clarity".

    Mr. K, UCL Biochemistry Tuition

  • "Janet sometimes gets very stressed about her Biochemistry work and Yani is always able to calm her down and go through the content systematically with her. Thank you".

    Mrs. P, Undergraduate Biochemistry Tuition

  • "I would never have been able to achieve a 2.1 without your help – Thanks so much".

    Miss. E, Undergraduate Biochemistry Tuition

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Avani has a PhD in Nuclear Medicine, a branch of Chemistry. Before this she completed a Masters and a Bachelors degree in Chemistry at Queen Mary University. She uses this extensive base of Chemistry knowledge to help her students go above and beyond the expectations of their level. In over fifteen years of tutoring experience, Avani has held 42 residential positions and more than 300 private tuition positions. This has included teaching Chemistry at GCSE, A Level and IB. Avani has travelled with families as a tutor in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Kenya. She has enjoyed, “tutoring on boats, in planes, safaris, deserts and in the middle of the jungle”.

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