Biology Private Tutor: Davinder

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Davinder is a specialist Science tutor teaching Biology up to post-graduate level and Chemistry to A Level and IB Level, as well as Mathematics and Physics up to GCSE level.


About Me

My specialist subjects are Biology (up to Post-graduate level) and Chemistry (to A – Level & l/IB Level). I also teach Mathematics and Physics (up to GCSE level), as well as History (up to KS3) and English (Primary level).

I have mentored students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of Biology for five years during my MSc and PhD. I am currently tutoring Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level Science, as well as GCSE Maths. These experiences have encouraged me to develop skills at rapidly interpreting and explaining otherwise complex scientific theories.

Growing up in the Midlands, from a young age I was intrigued and excited by the natural sciences. This interest manifested itself into success during exams at Primary, Secondary and A-levels. I went on to complete a BSc in Microbiology at Warwick University and then an MSc in Molecular Pathology at Leicester University, where I was fortunate enough to graduate as student of the year.

I have recently completed a PhD in Respiratory Medicine, at UCL (April 2014). In between my degrees I also worked as a Microbiologist for several years.

BSc with Hons. University of Warwick (2003-2006): Medical Microbiology (2:1)

MSc University of Leicester (2008-2009): Molecular Pathology (Pass with Distinction)

PhD University College London (2009-2014): Respiratory Medicine (Pass)

Recent Tuition

IB Chemistry – Justin is at an international school he has ADD and was finding it challenging to get past subjects that he found more difficult in Chemistry.

AS Chemistry and Biology – Weekly lessons for Phoebe who was struggling with the transition from GCSE.

GCSE/iGCSE Science: Jonas is in Year 10, studying for the iGCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (EdExcel). He has had an intensive course of lessons to prepare him for his internal school exams.

GCSE Science: Harry is also in Year 10, and has modular Science exams this year (AQA). We have therefore had a series of lessons covering the Specifications for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This has also involved attempting practice papers and past paper questions.

GCSE Physics and Chemistry: Oliver is a Year 11 student who I am currently supporting for his Physics and Chemistry exams (OCR). We have covered all core modules during our weekly lessons.

GCSE Mathematics: I am currently tutoring a Year 11 pupil in GCSE Mathematics – my main focus is to ensure that she understands the fundamentals of algebra, geometry and simple arithmetic as this builds a solid foundation with which to understand all requisite topics.

Year 8 and 9 Science: I have also tutored an 11, 12 and 13 year old, providing weekly sessions leading up to the start of term, introducing the key stage 3 syllabus. I also supported them throughout the year, teaching and revising key content during exam periods and reviewing exam results and feedback for improvement to help with ongoing learning.

I have previously mentored BSc, MSc and Medical students during the course of my studies. Additionally, I have provided lectures for UCL MSc students, giving them a description of the chronic lung disease COPD and outlining mechanisms involved in the aetiology and progression of the disease.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy participating in 10k runs, and also keep active by visiting the gym and playing squash with friends and colleagues. I enjoy reading fiction books during my spare time.

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