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Private Tutor for Specific Learning Difficulties: Adam

This tutor’s profile is reflective of the high standard of subject-specific private tutor we introduce. When you contact us, we will recommend a shortlist of tutors who will be carefully matched to your child’s learning style and academic requirements.

Adam is a superb tutor. He uses his own experience of coping with dyslexia to assist his students and his deeply specialised knowledge to help his students with whatever they need.

Mentoring Special Educational Needs – Dyslexia
Exam Preparation Creative Writing

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor for over 4 years. I specialize in tuition for 7+ and 11+ entrance exams, as well as general homework support. I have helped students gain entrance into some of London’s most competitive schools.

I also specialize in supporting students up to GCSE with essay and story writing. Additionally, I have experience in mentoring upto A-level.

What makes me a successful tutor and mentor is my ability to adapt and deliver a lesson based on the individual needs of my student. I tailor my lessons to get the best out of pupils, I find inventive ways of explaining and teaching concepts that students struggle with.

What makes me unique as a tutor is my dyslexia combined with my writing career, I have learned that every problem can be overcome with hard work, organization and dedication.

June 2014 – 2016 MA Writing for the Screen and Stage – Regents University London

2008 – 2012 BSc Ind Quantity Surveying – University of Salford

Recent Tuition

Please find some examples of my tuition below. I help students prepare for entrance exams in various ways, whether it be somewhat last minute preparation or supporting them in keeping ahead of the curve. I also offer general study support outside of school in which I often use 7+ and 11+ material to help students hone their skills.

Prep Study Support:

Caylie (4) – First reading and writing. Teaching phonics.

Honor (6) Number Bonds and first principles of mathematics. Honor had previously been unable to retain math concepts, I designed a fun, incentive based way of learning and she is now progressing nicely.

Theo (9) is incredibly creative but totally unstructured in his approach, we are working on planning and the key elements to story writing.


Zoe (6) last minute preparation for 7+ tuition, we focussed on Zoe’s exam technique and Mathematics and English skills. She sat two papers and was offered two interviews.

Leo (6) was preparing for the 7+, we focused on his understanding of Mathematics, as his English was very strong.

Adam (7) – Weekly tuition to develop his skills, focus and application for 7+ entrance exams. Successful exam and interview preparation for Westminster Under School, Kings and Wetherby. Adam is now at Wetherby.


Mia (8) – English support, essay writing and comprehension.


Tyler (10) – 11+ preparation for St Paul’s, Tyler gained entry.

William (10) – Preparation for 11+ entrance to Forest School, Bancroft’s and City of London. William is very creative and loves English, I am helping him with his English language and increasing his processing speed with maths.

Isobel (10) – Preparation for 11+ entrance exams to Redbridge School for Girls

Clara (9) – Homework support, slow build up developing skills needed for 11+

Mohammed (11) – Saudi Arabian family. Full time tuition and companionship – Part of my duties involved organizing activities around his interests, focussing on verbal and non-verbal comprehension as well as developing practical skills. Mohammed had mild SEN, part of my task was to work with and reinforce the principles that therapists were teaching.

Arun (10) – Working on Arun’s English skills and handwriting to ensure that he does not feel overwhelmed and school and slowly preparing him for the 11+ in January 2016.

Rhea (9) – Slow 11+ preparation.

Mollie (10) – 11+ preparation, English and Maths.

Sasha (10) – 11+ Preparation, St Paul Girls.

Study support and GCSE Preparation:

Luke (Year 8) – Year 8 Mathematics support.

Reid (15) – City of London School, mentoring in addition to daily help leading to exam preparation. Main focus was on GCSE, timing within exams and helping structure coursework research.

Hobbies and Interests

I write screenplays for films, go to the gym & volunteer for a charity that works with families who have a child with cancer.

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