Regular and Easter revision tuition 

National and Entrance exams are important milestones, directly effecting your child’s next academic steps and ultimately their career. Therefore, it makes sense to de-risk the outcome by choosing an experienced tutoring agency to help your son or daughter on their journey.

Simply Learning Tuition introduces tutors who provide tailored, one-to-one revision tuition; at all levels, including 7+/8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A Level, IB and University.

How does it work?

Private Tutor working Internationally


Exams may be main stream but students’ needs rarely are. An SLT tuition consultant will carry out an in-depth telephone analysis to understand your requirements.

We will then use that information to introduce the best possible tutor for your child.

International Private Tutor working with boy


Private tutoring offers flexibility, is usually more effective and convenient in your home. SLT can usually source an expert tutor to fit into your family schedule. Sessions can be anything from one hour per week before exam day to an intensive period during school holidays.

Whatever the level or subject being studied, tutors will start by taking time to get to know your child: understanding their strengths and weaknesses both in terms of knowledge and approach, along with their individual learning style.

Passport for Life is a concierge service providing Academic Mentorship for students of all ages


The next step inevitably is to fill in those knowledge gaps, targeting problematic areas whilst ensuring students are well versed on exam board specific and/or school specific exam technique. This helps to make your son or daughter feel comfortable and confident, giving them the best chance of success on exam day.

Children in Exam Hall

Leading up to the exam:

Practice makes perfect! As the time comes closer, nothing can beat answering questions! Tutors will use a range of past papers and their own resources and provide immediate, specific feedback.

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