We’ve introduced tutors to work with families on jets, film sets and trips to Cornwall. Whether you need a tutor who fits in on the Cote d’azur, or on the farm in a pair of muddy wellies, we can find the right match.

UK Residential Tuition

A child’s learning can be lost during the holiday period but this can easily be prevented. Just a week with a tutor can ensure your child is in fighting form for the new year.

If you want, your tutor can also join in with family life so the learning and confidence building continues outside formal lessons. For example, the key elements of a science tutorial could be crystallized during a walk through the countryside.

As well as learning about their subjects, your child will pick up on their tutor’s attitude, speech patterns and confidence. We will always carefully match tutor and family to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

International Residential Tuition

We send tutors all over the world for long and short-term placements.

Requests come in for all sorts of assistance. Like help to prepare for UK school entrance, working through a specific learning difficulty, revising for a tricky exam, or recovering from an illness.

The international tutors we introduce are flexible and will work with any syllabus, and you have the full support of our consultancy service to help with school choices.

  • Christopher has fitted very well into our family a charming and intelligent young man. Both are sons have connected with him. He has identified for them there areas of weakness . Plus more so in Rory's case the work he needs to put in to up his...

    Mrs. D, GCSE residential tuition

  • Christopher has them both in the zone and comprehending what is required and the work and effort needed for the grades they want.

    Mrs. F, residential GCSE Chemistry tuition

  • Zora is a very devoted and conscientious tutor who prepares well and tries to get her tutoree's attention with various methods. She is very polite and discrete.

    Ms. S, Residential 13+ CE tuition (France)

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