Fun and Imaginative Tuition for Younger Children

A child’s formative years can have a huge effect on the way which they approach their future education. By finding a preschool or reception tutor who is able to develop your child’s listening skills, concentration, literacy and numeracy with fun and engaging lessons, you will help your child to develop a lifelong love of learning.

SLT introduce tutors who specialise in teaching children before they reach school age. By using active play, fun tutorials and a gentle approach, your child’s tutor will develop confidence, communication and core skills without causing your child to become bored or frustrated.

Does a Preschool Child Really Need a Tutor?

Young children learn at a tremendous speed, and the demands of modern life mean that parents are not always able to dedicate as much time as possible to their child’s education.

This is where a professional preschool tutor can be helpful. SLT will introduce you to a tutor with a background in education, child psychology or a number of other appropriate disciplines. The tutor will then take your child under their wing and help them to develop their potential.

By introducing a preschool tutor at an early age, you can also identify and begin to reduce the impact of a number of learning difficulties, although it is important to remember that it is notoriously difficult to provide an accurate diagnosis at this age.

Preparation for UK School Admission

One of the key reasons that parents all over the world make use of preschool and reception tutors is to prepare their child for entry into a UK school. SLT’s service starts by helping you choose the right school.

Once a school has been identified, a tutor will be placed. Through fun, game-based tuition, your child will be provided with the skills, information and, most importantly, confidence that they need to thrive in a school environment.

  • Azhar was brilliant. He could relate to my son very well (who is quite young). Also, in terms of the way the company is run – everything was perfect!

    Mrs. M, Early Years Reading and Writing

  • As soon as Eleanor and Fred entered the house they were focused on A, what he was doing, what he liked to do with them. Eleanor let him play with a little Alphabet puzzle she had and A immediatly started to learn a few new letters. They...

    Ms. P, early years home schooling

  • We really liked Caroline and thought that she will be able to give Bo the confidence that she needs. Thank you!

    Mrs. R, year 3 maths Kensington

  • Alice was thrilled by her first lesson. Zhiyi was an excellent tutor. He set homework for her in advance and then they worked through it together.

    Ms. T, primary school age Chinese tuition

  • Eleanor was very focused on Alex, what he was doing, what he liked to do. She took out some paints and paper and let alex paint a picture, asking continually what he was doing, showing him how to mix colours.

    Mrs. T, early years Art

  • Ailsa is fantastic, couldn't recommend her highly enough. She has a natural rapport with Jasper, and is very conscientious, patient and generous person.

    Mrs. C, early years Art

  • We send thanks to Natasha for her tuition of Will. She was very supportive, solid and thorough in her teaching and really helped our son to get a grasp of the missing parts of the jigsaw. We are very grateful to her.

    Ms. H, early years tuition

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