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Mayfair lies at the very heart of the London borough of Westminster, one of the city’s finest residential areas. Situated between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane, Mayfair is home to some of the finest shopping establishments in the world, as well as a uniquely fine selection of restaurants and bars. Mayfair and the surrounding locale is also home to a series of outstanding schools such as More House, Francis Holland School and Westminster School. We have extensive experience introducing tutors to support children in passing their entrance exams to get into all of these schools and many more, as well as supporting students through their GCSEs and A Levels.

How can Simply Learning Tuition help?

We provide a bespoke tutor introduction service for all aspects of your child’s academic career. Whether they require a tutor for hourly tuition to excel in their Common Entrance exams and secure a place at their dream school, or whether they need a little help with GCSE or A Level revision.

We also introduce tutors who provide comprehensive early years support to ensure your child has the best experience of their formative years at school. We offer educational consultancy for parents who need advice on any aspect of their child’s education. We also introduce mentors to build students’ confidence and improve their life skills.

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More House

Westminster School

Westminster is one of London’s oldest schools. Founded in the early fourteenth century, Westminster has been educating pupils ever since. Today, there are a mix of boarders and day pupils. Boys can enter at 13+ and both boys and girls can enter the co-educational sixth form at 16+. Recent notable alumni include AA Milne, Tony Benn, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Helena Bonham Carter. Westminster has a history of academic excellence, with nearly half of the more than five hundred A Levels taken last year resulting in an A* grade. Westminster is a selective school, which means that it requires students to pass the 13+ examination prior to entry.

More House

More House is a more recent entrance into London’s schools market. It was founded in 1953 and has been expanding ever since. It is a Catholic girls school, though it is inclusive of all faiths. Girls enter at the age of 11, having passed the 11+ examination, and continue through to the age of 18. The school has a strong individual focus and an emphasis on pastoral care that aims to develop students as people as well as students. More House performs very strongly across all the academic subjects, last year every A Level student succeeded in achieving a place at the university of their choice. More House is selective and does require an entrance exam to be sat prior to entry.

  • Thanks for your email and lovely to hear from you. All 3 children have started in Kew Green Preparatory School and are doing really well. They are working Nel hard for the 11+ but she seems to be doing ok. I am looking at Notting Hill and...

    Dr. J, prep school tuition Ealing

  • Russell has been a wonderful tutor for my son and daughter. He has been patient, kind, insightful, intuitive, inspiring and a real positive force in the children's educational lives.

    Mrs. C, 11+ and 13+ prep

  • Doug's marks in his Common Entrance improved so much! Russell remained calm and was just brilliant. I can't thank him enough.

    Mrs. R, 11+ Common Entrance

  • It is very difficult to express how grateful we are to you for what you've achieved with our son. The challenges he has encountered along the way have been met with patience and respect.

    Mrs Carfax, Holland Park, 13+ prep

  • Harry got 78% in his geography exam - how good is that! Thanks for all your help and we will be in touch in the lead up to his mocks in March for some more help.

    Mrs. H, Harrow 13+ Common Entrance

  • Adam's an excellent tutor and my son has been inspired to study diligently and excel in his Classics & History GCSEs.

    Mr. F, GCSE tuition

  • A creative, excellent tutor!

    Mr. T, GCSE tuition

  • Ellie is a very committed, communicative and an interactive tutor; she detects problems of her students very quickly and helps her students in overcoming them step by step […] Ellie's tutoring played a pivotal role turning my [AS Level] grades around.

    Mr. L, A Level Maths

  • I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for a boost and gaining exam tips, essay writing, choosing art works and preparing children in a fun and mature way for their exam.

    Mrs. C, A Level History of Art

  • Many thanks indeed for acting as Jack's supervisor for his project. He has been very appreciative of your guidance. The current version of his project gained a mark of 83%.

    Mrs. J, A Level Classics

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