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Many of the private tutors we work with are available to travel to your home during the weekends or holidays. There are many advantages of having a tutor to spend even a couple of days with you on holiday:

  • You can prevent Summer Learning Loss
  • Tutors act as role models for your children, helping them to overcome issues such as a lack of confidence.
  • Your child returns to school with increased subject knowledge (often filling in a problem they had with the basics), that allows them to push ahead much more quickly in the new school year
  • Students can often be more relaxed and more receptive to learning when they do not have to worry about school
  • Tuition can take place almost anywhere there is a table and some peace and quiet

Holiday tuition is charged for on a daily rate, with discounts for longer placements. You can choose to have a tutor for just a couple of days, or several months. We offer a range of international tuition services.


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