Despite all the excitement of a Hollywood film set, child movie stars must still keep up with their studies. Production companies are usually required to bring in film set tutors to provide lessons for their young cast members. To many, film set tuition must seem like a dream job. Bumping into world famous celebrities and catching a glimpse of Hollywood at work – whilst earning a hefty sum to do so – is an exciting prospect.

Indeed, Rajiv Shah, a Common Entrance tutor working with Simply Learning Tuition, briefly experienced this lifestyle. He flew to a multi-million dollar film set on the island of Fuerteventura alongside the cast and crew: “It was pretty surreal, I was sharing the cabin with A-list celebrities and a world-renowned director”. Femke Bolle, an 11 tutor who worked with child actors on the same film set, took advantage the facilities on offer at the plush hotel: “I stayed in a lovely room and had plenty of time to make use of the swimming pool and beach”.

Tuition takes place in the children’s trailers, often between takes. This gave Rajiv and Femke a lot of free time to enjoy their hotel and explore the buzzing film sets, watching the skilled crew and talented actors at work. Rajiv’s personal highlight was seeing his students acting on set: “It was amazing to see these talented kids, who I’d gotten to know really well, in their element in front of the cameras”.

Both Rajiv and Femke made it clear that the most enjoyable aspect of the job was not so much the showbusiness surroundings, but the time they spent with their child actor students. As Femke explained, “I just really clicked with the boys, we got on so well. Because the children were professional actors, they were incredibly bright”. Her students went on to win scholarships at top London independent schools.

Rather than being a distraction, the film set location provided opportunities for the tutors. Rajiv was able to use the incredible acting talents of his students to help them learn. He asked them to give theatrical presentations which summarised the key lessons of each session. Femke was able to provide extracurricular swimming lessons in the hotel pool, and used the volcanic history of the island of Fuerteventura to explain geological processes.

Despite the excitement of on-location filming, A-list celebrities and luxury hotels, film set tutors remain committed to the task at hand. Rather than succumbing to the distraction of this Hollywood universe, they focus on providing the best tuition possible for talented child actors.

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