Common Entrance Exam Tuition

The Common Entrance exams (11+ and 13+) present an opportunity for your child to impress their chosen senior school and secure a sought-after place. However, these exams can place high amounts of stress on your child due to their demanding nature and broad scope.

By placing a residential tutor, SLT will help you to smooth your child’s path into the right school for them.

Acting as a teacher and a mentor, the tutor will ease the frustration that can be caused by excessive revision, provide assistance with technique and best practice, and sharpen your child’s core skills in English, Maths and Science.

  • 11+

    The 11+ exam can be overwhelming. By placing a specialist tutor, we will ensure your child is fully and suitably prepared.

  • 13+

    By mentoring and teaching your child, a specialist 13+ tutor will help to ensure success on all parts of the common entrance exam.

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