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If you’re a student or family looking for private tuition and good schools, Clapham is a great place to start. It’s is a big area split between two boroughs, including Lambeth (Clapham Common, Clapham North) and Wandsworth (Clapham Junction, Clapham South, Northcote Road, Battersea). Leading independent schools such as; Eaton House The Manor, Newton Preparatory School, Northcote Lodge and Emanuel School are based here, making this area an attractive part of South West London.

How can Simply Learning Tuition help?

We provide a bespoke tutor introduction service to help with every stage of your child’s education. Tutors can provide support for Common Entrance exams, whether 7+, 11+, 13+ or any other exam, to help your child obtain a place in the school that is right for them. We also introduce tutors who provide regular hourly tuition to prepare for GCSE and A Level exams, in any subject.

Our services are not limited to exam preparation. We introduce tutors who offer support in the early years of your child’s life to ensure complete comprehension of literacy and numeracy, before they progress further in their education. For parents who need expert advice, we provide a bespoke educational consultancy service, in which our expert team of educational specialists advise you on any aspect of your child’s education, from choosing a school or university to supporting future career development. We also offer introductions to mentors, a personable and approachable tutor who will guide your child through any difficult phase of their academic career, such as a change of school or even change of country.

You can read more about our bespoke method and award-winning personal service here.

Emanuel School

Emanuel School educates boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18. Conveniently located on Battersea Rise, this school is both easily accessible and academically rigorous. There are usually over 600 applicants at sixth form entry for just 25 places, so it is very competitive at that level. The Headmaster runs an excellent school, with children going on to top UK universities.

Northcote Lodge

Northcote Lodge School is a Preparatory school for boys between the ages of 8 and 13. Based in Clapham Common, the school prepares children for competitive London senior schools, passing them onto places where they can further thrive.

  • The website shows just how approachable and open they are, which is why I applied.

    Gillian, SLT Tutor

  • Adam is a fine tutor who guided me well through the exam syllabus. He is conscientious, polite and a talented teacher.

    Miss A, AS Level Ancient History

  • I feel very grateful to Amy to have helped me. Amy was funny and happy and it helped learning in an easy way. She did not get angry, she was pleased with my effort even if I got things wrong. Amy taught me how to check my...

    Miss K, 7+ Colet Court Kensington

  • Alexandra makes it appear more interesting than my tutors at college have. I really felt that Alex knew my struggles and helped me through them and now I feel more confident about my exams.

    Miss K, First-year BA History of Art

  • Ollie, thank you so much for your help. You honestly have been of great help to me and I really, really appreciate it.

    Miss S, final-year undergraduate Geography

  • Prune is an excellent French teacher, structuring her classes around my individual needs. Being French herself, she is good at providing tips on French colloquialisms too!

    Miss T, AQA A Level French

  • I would like to say thank you very much for your help in my TOK essay, your tutoring enabled me to get an A in the essay, and get the overall 3 core points as well.

    Miss Y, IB tuition

  • With Sean’s focus on essay practice, Will pushed his grade up from a C to an A – we are so grateful for all of Sean’s hard work!

    Mr. B, AQA A Level History

  • Adam's an excellent tutor and my son has been inspired to study diligently and excel in his Classics & History GCSEs.

    Mr. F, GCSE tuition

  • She is always on time with a very helpful attitude. Janet sometimes gets very stressed about her work and Yani is always able to calm her down and go through the content systematically with Janet.

    Mr. H, GCSE Mandarin

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