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After-School Private Tutors

Complimenting your child’s formal education with an effective after-school tutor will have a significant and long-lasting impact on their academic success. To get the best results, we always recommend your child works with a tutor who is suited to their personality, learning style and goals. Our experience has shown us that just a couple of hours of regular tuition each week, whether this is in person or online, can have a positive impact on attainment, confidence and well-being.

The after-school tutors that we introduce for in-person tuition typically teach in London, lessons usually take place in the family home or similar safe environment. For families living outside of London, we introduce online, or international tutors. Personalised, one to one, online tuition provides families with access to the best tutors wherever they are in the world.

A professional and dedicated one-to-one learning partnership allows tutors to impart far more than academic proficiency; they help build confidence, communication skills, planning and organisation, time management and other key attributes that will be of great benefit to your child.

After a detailed consultation with an Education Consultant, we can recommend an after-school tutor for your child within 2 days.

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  • "I would not hesitate to recommend Ellie. She is extremely patient, very helpful and organised and really knows her stuff. She will find a way for you to understand something even if she has to explain it in 100 different ways...I could not have found a better tutor".

    Miss R, A Level Maths Tuition

  • "Sam was very enthusiastic. He clearly enjoys teaching. He was genuinely interested in my ideas and encouraged me to share them. If I did not understand something he was ready to teach it differently without getting irritated. Sam is very patient, kind and also funny. He is a great teacher".

    Miss. K, IB English Tuition

  • "Adam's an excellent tutor and my son has been inspired to study diligently and excel in his Classics & History GCSEs".

    Mr. F, GCSE Tuition

  • "I am delighted with the tutoring experience we had with you. George was absolutely fantastic. My son was really struggling with work at school and could not understand his teacher. George had the patience and time to sit with Daniel and go back to basics. Daniel has now had gained much more confidence and they simply need to wait for the results".

    Mrs. S, Early Years English and Maths Tuition

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