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Private Tutors for University

University students are expected to take charge of their own learning and do almost all work independently. For some, this change is disorientating, while for other students, the steep increase in subject complexity and volume of reading is daunting. We introduce specialist undergraduate and post-graduate tutors to help smooth this transition and encourage your child to develop healthy work habits in order to fulfil their academic potential. Every tutor we introduce has an outstanding academic background and proven tutoring experience. All have attended a leading university, with many graduating from Oxbridge. They will also be matched to compliment your child’s personality and learning style so that your child fully benefits from their course of private tuition.

To be introduced to a university tutor, please call one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form.

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Advice for Settling In

Research shows that most undergraduate students feel A Levels have not prepared them for their degree. Students used to a highly structured or supported approach to learning at school tend to find this change particularly challenging. However “learning to learn”, i.e. developing the self- management of learning, is a skill that can be improved to ease this transition. Essay writing and critical analysis skills can also be developed. For students with specific learning difficulties, for example dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, we can make sure that the right help is at hand to provide additional support to your son or daughter.

Furthermore, it can be tough for your child to know how they are really doing at university, often the only feedback they receive is an occasional essay mark and a grade at the end of each year. It is no wonder that “assessment and feedback” is the lowest scoring area of satisfaction on the UK National Student Survey. A mentor can help your son or daughter keep track of their academic progress. They will be supported in reflecting on the feedback and grades they receive. He or she is also there to help your child get most out of their interactions with the university’s teaching staff. In addition, their mentor can put them in touch with Simply Learning Tuition’s network of subject specialist tutors, if they have detailed questions about their course that need deep subject expertise.

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Careers Preparation

There is no doubt that 100% of university careers services are under-resourced. Yet, as global competition and the multiplicity of jobs increases, so too does the importance of careers advice that’s tailored to your child; i.e. advice that starts with their aspirations rather than fits them into a pre-existing box. What really is the right job for your child? How do they maximise their chances of getting that job? What kind of extra- curricular activities will help your son or daughter?

How important are internships? Who can tell your child what a career in the city is like in reality? What does a great CV and cover letter look like? How should they best prepare for their interview? A mentor can act as an independent advisor throughout their university experience. He or she can ensure they have the additional support, providing introductions and developing applications, to help your child get the internship and first job that’s right for them.

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Advice for Parents

Here is a selection of the most popular Advice for Parents articles that covers a wide variety of topics and questions we have encountered advising families since 2009. You can access more articles on our Advice for Parents page by using the link below.

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