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Private Tutors for GCSE Retakes

The GCSE qualification is the foundation for your child’s future study and employment. If their results were lower than expected, a GCSE retake tutor will provide them with the support they need to improve their results the second-time round. We introduce the highest calibre of GCSE retake tutors who will help your child tackle subjects they found difficult and will share their tried and tested techniques for GCSE exams, coursework and revision. Drawing upon their experience and the guidelines laid out by AQA, Edexcel and all other leading exam boards, the tutor we introduce will prepare your child for future success.

If you are searching for a GCSE retake tutor, contact one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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GCSE Retake Tutors

  • Adam


    Adam tutors Latin and Ancient Greek. He prepares students for 13+ and also the Oxford University Classics Admissions Test.

  • Adaora


    Adaora is a Geography specialist and tutors up to A Level. She also teaches English and Academic Writing.

  • Akshay


    Akshay specialises in GCSE and A-Level Economics and Maths.

  • Alex H

    Alex H

    Alex is a specialist Maths tutor who works with students from 11+ to Oxbridge level. Additionally, he works with students on their Oxbridge admissions.

  • Alex HM

    Alex HM

    Alex specialises in teaching Latin and can also tutor Greek and Russian. As well as this, he prepares students for university applications.

  • Alex M

    Alex M

    Alex is a Science specialist, preparing students for their GCSEs and A-Levels. Additionally he tutors English as a Foreign Language, Geography, Japanese and Spanish.

  • Alex S

    Alex S

    Alex specialises in English and Maths tuition and has taught many of our home schooled students.

  • Alexander S

    Alexander S

    Alexander specialises in varying entrance exams and core GCSE subjects. He also prepares students for Oxbridge applications.

  • Alexandria


    Alexandria tutors English and Geography for 11+, 13+, IGCSES, A-Levels and SAT exams. She is also an English as a Second Language tutor.

  • Alice


    Alice is trilingual and supports with English, French and Spanish. She also specialises in Psychology tuition for A Level students and teaches Maths at 7+, 11+ and 13+.

  • Amy HM

    Amy HM

    Amy is a qualified teacher and specialises in English tuition. She also tutors Maths and prepares students for the 7+ and 11+ entrance exams.

  • Andrea F

    Andrea F

    Andrea taught at one of London's top independent schools and is now a full-time tutor. She specialises in English tuition and has prepared students for many of the UK's most competitive entrance exams in English and Maths.

  • Andrew


    Andrew's specialist subject is Latin, aimed specifically at Common Entrance level, as well as towards Scholarships and GCSEs.

  • Angharad


    Angharad specialises in History and Politics GCSE and A-Level tuition. She also prepares students for the 11+, as well as university applications.

  • Anil


    Anil is an Oxford graduate who is highly multidisciplinary teaching a range of subjects including Maths, English, Music and Science.

  • Apollon


    Apollon tutors English, Maths and Science GCSE and A level. As well as this, he offers university application preparation to Medical School.

  • Arif


    Arif tutors IB Maths, IB History and GCSE Maths. Additionally, he prepares students Oxbridge examinations and provides interview practice.

  • Ayokunle


    Ayokunle is a Chemistry and Physics specialist. He also tutors Maths, Economics, Biology, Geography and Business studies.

  • Ben A

    Ben A

    Ben's specialism is English. He prepares students for 11+,13+, IGCSE, IB and A Level examinations.

  • Beth


    Beth is a highly experienced tutor who has worked around the world, specialising in English tuition.

  • Callum


    Callum specialises in English and Maths tuition from 7+ up to GCSE, including 11+ and 13+ preparation. He is experienced in teaching children with special educational needs, particularly with English and creative writing.

  • Cameron


    Cameron specialises in Maths for the 11+ and 13+, as well as for GCSE students. He can also provide tuition for French, English and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

  • Celeste


    Celeste is a qualified teacher who specialises in Spanish GCSE and undergraduate level Spanish Philology.

  • Chloe S

    Chloe S

    Chloe specialising in English Literature and English Language GCSE tuition. She also teaches students in the years leading up to these exams.

  • Dalmeet


    Dalmeet specialises in tutoring Maths (I)GCSE and Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Darius PW

    Darius PW

    Darius specialises in 7+ and 11+ exam preparation. He also assists students with Oxbridge applications, as well as tutoring Italian.

  • David


    David is a Chemistry specialist, concentrating on the GCSE and A Level examinations. He also supports students with Oxbridge applications.

  • Dharmesh


    Dharmesh specialises in entrance exams, as well as English and Maths for Prep School students. He also teaches Business Studies up to A Level, and Maths to GCSEs.

  • Dora


    Dora specialises in 11+ and 13+ preparation and interview practice. She also has extensive experience tutoring students with SEN.

  • Dween


    Dween is a multidisciplinary tutor and Entrance Examination specialist. Additionally, he has a wealth of SEN experience.

  • Edward


    Edward's specialist subject is English Literature. He also teaches History and Maths to GCSE and Science to Common Entrance.

  • Edward R

    Edward R

    Edward is an English specialist, working with students from primary age up to A-Level.

  • Elizabeth Ca

    Elizabeth Ca

    Elizabeth is an experienced tutor who specialises in English and Entrance Exam Preparation.

  • Ewan


    Ewan is a qualified teacher who specialises in Maths and Physics tuition up to A-Level. He also tutors Biology and Chemistry up to GCSE and prepares students for 13+ Exams.

  • Farah E

    Farah E

    Farah is an experienced teacher and Maths specialist. She prepares students for the 11+, IGCSE and IB examinations.

  • Freddie


    Freddie specialises in English Literature and Language. He also teaches Theology, Ancient Greek and Latin, as well as preparing students for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry examinations.

  • Frederique


    Frederique is an experienced, qualified teacher. She tutors French from Primary level up to A-Level examinations.

  • George


    George tutors History, English and German. He is also a Common Entrance specialist.

  • Grace


    Grace tutors History, English and Art for GCSE and A Level. She has extensive SEN and home schooling experience.

  • Greg


    Greg specialises in Maths tuition up to Undergraduate level, Physics up to A-level and both the IB Standard Level and Higher Level.

  • Hajr


    Hajr specialises in the Sciences and is a qualified teacher.

  • Hannah


    Hannah specialises in Biology, Chemistry and Maths for GCSE and IB. She also prepares students for university interviews.

  • Imran


    Imran is a Maths specialist, supporting students from Key Stage 3 up to A-Level.

  • India


    India lectures at top London art schools, as well as being a practising artist herself. She tutors art to students from primary school age up to and including supporting undergraduate artists with their dissertations.

  • Inga


    Inga specialises in Chemistry, Maths and Physics. She students from GCSE to A Level and IB.

  • Iona


    Iona specialises in Classics and English Literature but can also teach English as a foreign language, History, Greek, Latin, French and German.

  • Isaac


    Isaac specialises in English, Philosophy and Maths tuition, while also tutoring History, Drama and Science.

  • Isabella


    Issy specialises in English Literature and tutors the subject from 11+ up to A Level. She is also experienced in teaching English as an additional language.

  • Jack Bn

    Jack Bn

    Jack's specialist subject is English. He tutors from 11+ level to A Level and additionally preparations students for Oxbridge admissions.

  • Jack C

    Jack C

    Jack specialises in Science and Maths Tuition from Key Stage 3 to A Level. Additionally, he supports with University and Medical school applications.

  • James C

    James C

    James is a Maths specialist who also has experience tutoring Physics, Economics, 11+ Entrance Exams and Scholarship Exams.

  • James J

    James J

    James specialises in Chemistry, Maths and Physics GCSE. As well as this he prepares students for Chemistry University interviews.

  • James M

    James M

    James specialises in tutoring towards entrance examinations, in particular 7+, 11+ and 13+. He also supports Oxbridge applications.

  • James S

    James S

    James is a highly experienced English teacher and entrance exam specialist, from 11+ to university applications.

  • Jessica G

    Jessica G

    Jessica specialises in Psychology tuition and is an AQA Examiner. She also has a strong track record of preparing students for competitive Entrance Exams in English and Maths.

  • Joanne


    Joanne specialises in Biology tuition, all Sciences up to GCSE and Mathematics. She also prepares students for entrance exams from 8+ to 16+.

  • Joe B

    Joe B

    Joe specialises in Geography tuition up to Undergraduate level and also tutors Biology and English up to A Level.

  • Joe E

    Joe E

    Joe prepares students for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. He also tutors English and Drama at all levels.

  • Joel


    Joel tutors history, philosophy and politics from GSCE up to and including undergraduate level. He also prepares students for university applications.

  • John N

    John N

    John is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises particularly in Biology and History tuition. He also teaches Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, Geography, Maths and English and can provide UCAS guidance.

  • Jonathan W

    Jonathan W

    Jonathan is a qualified teacher, who specialises in geography. He prepares students for both GCSE and A Level geography.

  • Kate


    Kate specialises in English GCSE and A Level. She can also support students in preparation for Oxbridge entrance.

  • Kieran L

    Kieran L

    Kieran specialises in teaching French and Spanish, as well as English as a foreign language.

  • Kieron


    Kieron is a Cambridge Classics graduate who is highly multidisciplinary. He is experienced at supporting students for entry to schools such as Eton College, in both English, Maths and Latin papers.

  • Leena


    Leena specialises in teaching Maths and Science. She also teaches BMAT, UCAT and entrance examinations.

  • Leia


    Leia specialises in Maths, Science and Geography from 11+ up to A Level. She also tutors students in essay writing for University entry.

  • Leon


    Leon tutors English and is an Entrance Exam specialist, teaching from 7+ through to 13+. Leon also teaches essay-based subjects such as History, Geography and Social Sciences.

  • Luke H

    Luke H

    Luke specialises in Economics at GCSE level and above.

  • Manfred


    Manfred specialises in Maths and Physics tuition, as well as teaching Music, German and Spanish.

  • Mathilda


    Mathilda is an IB specialist. She tutors English Literature and Language, as well as ToK and EE. She also tutors iGCSE English.

  • Matt


    Matt tutors English, History and Philosophy at GCSE, A Level and undergraduate level. He also supports students with university applications.

  • Matthew S

    Matthew S

    Matthew is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, with a particular specialism in Science, English, Maths and competitive Exam preparation, including the 13+, TSA, PAT, MAT and STEP exams.

  • Maxim


    Maxim specialises in Politics and History tuition, along with application and interview preparation for Oxford and Cambridge.

  • Michael


    Michael is a highly experienced maths teacher, who also supports with English for 11+ exams.

  • Mustafa


    Mustafa is Mathematics and Entrance Examination tutor who specialises in online teaching. He has worked with Simply Learning Tuition for over three years.

  • Natasha La F

    Natasha La F

    Natasha is a multidisciplinary tutor who specialises in Exam Preparation, English and Art. Additionally she tutors Maths, Chemistry and Classics.

  • Natasha RM

    Natasha RM

    Natasha is a qualified teacher who specialises in Spanish, from helping KS3 children improve their grammar, to preparing students for their Spanish A Level exams.

  • Nicola


    Nicola is a University Lecturer who is highly multidisciplinary, specialising in English, Maths, History and Art History, as well as 11+ and 13+ exams.

  • Octavia


    Octavia is a highly experienced online Biology and Chemistry tutor. Additionally, she support students with University Applications.

  • Oli B

    Oli B

    Oli tutors English and Drama GCSE. As well as this, he prepares students for entry into UK drama schools.

  • Oliver K

    Oliver K

    Oliver tutor a range of subjects from 11+ up to Undergraduate level. As well as this, he supports students with University choices and applications.

  • Omari


    Omari is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, specialising particularly in English and Maths for Entrance Exams from 7+ to 13+.

  • Oscar


    Having specialised in Shakespeare at the University of Cambridge, Oscar tutors English Literature from 11+ to A Level.

  • Paula A

    Paula A

    Paula specialises in Spanish tuition and also teaches Maths and English at pre-prep and prep school age, and English as a foreign language.

  • Pedro


    Pedro tutors Maths and all three Sciences to GCSE and A Level students.

  • Phineas


    Phineas has been tutoring since 2007. He specialises in Humanities and Languages - French and German. He tutors from 7+ age up to A-level.

  • Rajiv


    Rajiv is an Entrance Exams specialist, specifically English, Maths and Science for the 11+ and 13+ exams. He also teaches Science and Latin up to GCSE level.

  • Rasha


    Rasha prepares students for 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams, as well as tutoring Maths and Science GCSE and A Level.

  • Redha


    Redha has eight years of experience teaching in residential and home schooling roles in the UK and internationally.

  • Rhea


    Rhea specialises in entrance exam preparation, as well as tutoring Spanish and English up to A Level.

  • Riccardo


    Riccardo is an experienced tutor who specialises in Business Studies, Maths and Italian.

  • Richard


    Richard is a qualified teacher, with over ten years of experience working in schools. He specialises in History tuition, as well as Government and Politics.

  • Ritchard


    Ritchard is a highly experienced tutor who prepares students from 11+ to A-Levels and IB, in a range of subjects.

  • Rory M

    Rory M

    Rory specialises in Maths and Physics, preparing students for GCSE and A level exams.

  • Ruby


    Ruby provides 11+ and university application preparation. She also tutors English Literature and Language GCSE and A Level.

  • Rupert P

    Rupert P

    Rupert is a qualified teacher, who tutors a wide range of subjects including English and Maths. He has considerable SEN experience.

  • Sally


    Sally specialises in exam preparation, with her students receiving offers from top London Day schools. She tutors from 7+ up to GCSE.

  • Sam S

    Sam S

    Sam's specialism is Maths and Science GCSE. He also tutors Maths for 13+ exams.

  • Samuel


    Samuel is a qualified teacher and highly experienced tutor who specialises in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Study Skills and 11+ preparation.

  • Sara O

    Sara O

    Sara specialises in tutoring GCSE and A-Level Science. She also helps students prepare for Maths 11+ exams and sixth form entrance exams.

  • Sarah B

    Sarah B

    Sarah specialises in English and Philosophy tuition and is one of our specialist Home schooling tutors.

  • Sarah L

    Sarah L

    Sarah specialises in Chemistry, Physics and Biology GCSE and A-Level. Additionally, she tutors students in the Early Years.

  • Sarah T

    Sarah T

    Sarah specialises in Religious Studies, preparing students for their GCSE and A Level exams. She is a highly experienced UCAS advisor and mentor and also assists with Philosophy and Theology Oxbridge entrance tests.

  • Sean GT

    Sean GT

    Sean is a mentor and tutor who also supports with Personal Statements and Oxbridge Applications.

  • Shormee


    Shormee specialises in helping students with their university applications and interview practice (particularly Oxbridge).

  • Shuang


    Shuang specialises in Maths and Science tuition up to GSCE level. Additionally she tutors English, Mandarin Chinese and Drama. She has extensive home schooling experience.

  • Syed


    Syed is a PhD researcher at Imperial College with ten years of teaching experience. He tutors maths and science, from Common Entrance to A Level.

  • Thomas H

    Thomas H

    Thomas is a highly multidisciplinary tutor who specialises in Business, Geography and Maths tuition. He also provides academic assessments and teaches English, Economics, and Science.

  • Tristan


    Tristan specialises in tutoring GCSE and A-Level geography. He also prepares students for 13+ and the TSA for Oxbridge applications.

  • Victoria


    Victoria is an experienced IB History teacher and tutor. She also tutors MYP Humanities, Geography GCSE and IGCSE and A level Politics.

  • Vishal


    Vishal specialises in Entrance Exam Admissions at 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, 13+ and 16+. He also tutors English, Maths and Science up to GCSE level.

  • Wiebke


    Wiebke tutors French, English and German. She has experience home schooling students and also 11+ exam preparation.

  • William B

    William B

    William is a Cambridge graduate and highly experienced tutor. He teaches English, Maths, German and Science and has worked with SLT for over ten years.

  • William K

    William K

    William specialises in English Language and English Literature GCSE and A Levels. Additionally, he prepares students for Oxbridge interviews.

  • Yanan


    Yanan specialises in Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Mandarin Chinese tuition. She also teaches all Sciences up to GCSE level.

  • Zoe F

    Zoe F

    Zoe specialises in the Humanities, English, History and Geography up to year 7, while also teaching Maths up to 11+.

  • Zoe L

    Zoe L

    Zoe specialises in teaching English Language and Literature as well as History and Drama.

  • Zora


    Zora is a qualified teacher who specialises in Science and Maths up to A Level. She also teaches English for Key Stage 2 and 3.

Can you retake GCSE?

Yes. If you weren’t happy with your GCSE grades, you can resit any of your GCSEs to secure better results.

Benefits of GCSE resits

Most students will be required to retake their GCSEs if they receive a grade 3 or lower. However, you can also choose to retake if you achieved grade 4 or above, but want to improve your result.

This would be beneficial for university applications – only some courses include GCSE grades as part of their entry requirements, but all will look more favourably upon an applicant with a strong set of GCSEs. Furthermore, some schools will require students to have received a certain grade at GCSE (typically 7 or above) in order to study the same subject at A Level or IB. In this case, resitting is a great option to meet your school’s requirements.

How to retake GCSEs

If you would like to retake your GCSEs, you have a range of options.

In school

Many schools will allow students to retake their GCSEs. Typically, your school will register you for the exams and offer you any catch-up or revision classes necessary. You can usually retake GCSEs whilst also studying for your A Levels, so there is no need to take a year out of education.

In a college

There are many GCSE and sixth-form colleges which facilitate retakes. Students enrol in the college, typically paying a fee for each subject you are retaking, and receive small-group teaching to prepare for the exams. As in school, the college would usually register you for the exams and provide invigilation for the resit.

With a GCSE retake tutor

If you are looking for highly personalised preparation for GCSE resits, working with an experienced retake tutor is the best option. Unlike in a group class, a 1-1 tutor can focus on the topics you find difficult, providing targeted teaching and exam preparation, to optimise your chances of securing a better result second time around. At SLT, the tutors we introduce are subject and exam board experts and have outstanding track records of success with GSCE retakes in English, Maths, Science and many other subjects.

The tutor can be supplementary to school or college teaching, or can prepare you for the retake entirely on their own. If it’s the latter, you would need to remember to register for the exams and find an exam centre for yourself as a private candidate.

When are GCSE retakes and when do results come out?

There are two times during the year when you can retake GCSEs: November and May/June.

November retakes are only available for GCSE Maths and English. Results are then released in January. May/June retakes are available for all subjects, including Maths and English. Results are then released on GCSE results day in August.

Every exam board will have a different timetable, so it is advisable to check the website of the exam board you are taking for exact dates.

How old do you have to be to resit?

You can retake your GCSEs at any age – whether it’s as a 16-year-old who just got their results in August, or as an adult seeking to improve their qualifications.

How many times can you retake?

There is no limit on the number of times you can retake GCSEs. However, it is not always advisable to retake multiple times if you don’t need to. For instance, if you are retaking to support your university applications, bear in mind that universities can see the number of times you have resat your GCSEs – improving from a 5 to a 7 first time around might be impressive, but if you need to retake three or four times, admissions officers might conclude that you are not naturally strong in that subject.

How much does it cost to retake GCSEs?

The cost of resitting GCSEs depends on how you choose to retake them. Attending a college will incur course fees of above £6,000 per subject. Working with a private tutor is likely to be charged hourly.

If you are retaking GCSEs as a private candidate, you will need to register with an exam centre, which incurs a fee of typically around £150-400 per subject.

How to prepare for the retake

If you decide to resit your GCSEs, you should begin preparing as soon as possible. For May/June retakes, we recommend working with an expert private tutor for a full academic year. Regular sessions 2-3 times per week, with homework set in between, will ensure that you cover the entire syllabus.

If your retake for GCSE English or GCSE Maths is coming up in November, you may only have a few months to prepare, in which case the tuition will need to be more intensive.

It is advisable to begin by going over the GCSE curriculum and identifying the areas you struggled with the most, as these should be the focus of your preparation. We also recommend requesting your exam scripts from the first time you took your GCSEs to help you understand where you won and lost the all-important marks.

Then, when the exams are around two months away, you should begin revision. Create a realistic revision timetable and don’t forget to include plenty of time to work on practice papers, exam technique and time management. You can read more revision tips for GCSEs in our blog.

What happens if the resit results are worse than original results?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for students to see no improvement – or achieve a worse result – in their resit. There is no way to hide this from universities – they will be able to see both your original and your resit result.

In this case, you can either choose to retake again or stick with your original grade. However, if you have not achieved a grade 4 or higher in English or Maths, you are legally required to keep studying that subject until age 18.

GCSE retake colleges in London

There are several colleges in London which prepare students for GCSE resits, including Albemarle College, MPW, DLD College and Collingham College.

If you are unsure whether working with a private tutor or attending a college would be better for you or your child, you can contact our team of education consultants who will be able to advise you.

University applications and GCSE resits

Retaking your GCSEs can be an excellent idea for supporting your university applications. Many courses will include GCSEs as part of their entry requirements, but even those which do not will look more favourably upon a candidate with a strong set of GCSE results.

Universities can see if you have retaken your GCSEs. And though the vast majority will accept resit results, it is important to keep this in mind. Improving your grades first time around will show intelligence and tenacity, but failing to improve after several tries might suggest to admissions officers that you do not have the skills and knowledge required to succeed on their course.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to retake your GCSEs?

    The cost of retaking a GCSE varies depending on how you retake it. If you resit in your school, there is likely to be no cost. Enrolling in a private college to retake will typically cost around £6,000 per subject, while working with a private tutor will usually be charged hourly. If you are resitting as a private candidate, you will need to pay a fee to register with an exam centre, usually around £150-400 per subject.

  • Is it worth retaking Maths GSCE?

    Having strong grades at Maths GCSE is beneficial for many university applications and even careers. Some schools will also require you to have a grade 7 or above to study Maths or a related subject at A Level or IB. In this case, retaking can definitely be beneficial.

    Before you decide to retake, it is important to balance the potential reward of a better GCSE grade with the required investment of time and effort you will need to achieve this. There is no guarantee that your grade will improve second time around, and you might be better off focusing on your A Levels or IB and achieving strong grades in those.

  • Can I retake my GCSE English exam?

    Yes, absolutely. If you were not happy with your GCSE results in English Language or Literature, you can resit these exams to try and achieve a higher grade.

  • What happens if I fail my English GCSE?

    If you achieve a grade 3 or lower at English or Maths GCSE, you will usually need to retake it. If you are only studying part time in sixth-form or taking an apprenticeship, you may be able to take a different English or Maths qualification, but you will still need to keep studying the subject until age 18.

  • Is it worth retaking GCSEs?

    There is no hard and fast answer to this. For many students it will be, as having strong GCSE grades is beneficial for university admissions and career prospects. However, it is crucial to weigh the potential benefits against the time and effort required for improvement. There is no assurance of a better grade upon retaking, and alternatively focusing on excelling in your A Levels or IB might prove more beneficial in achieving overall academic success.

  • Do universities accept retakes for GCSE?

    The vast majority of universities and courses will accept resit results. If you are unsure, contact university’s admissions department. Showing improvement in your resits can be a good sign of commitment and intelligence, especially if mitigating circumstances affected your initial result. However, needing to retake multiple times, or failing to improve on a retake, might suggest to an admissions team that you are not naturally strong in that subject.

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