Help preparing for the 7 Plus and 8 Plus Entrance Exams

As 7 Plus and 8 Plus Assessments have become more common throughout the UK, demand for tutors who specialise in helping younger children prepare for school entrance tests has risen. As specialists in the field of education, SLT have introduced tutors to thousands of families, ensuring that children secure entry to the right schools.

While seven or eight years old is very young to begin formal testing, schools are now to adopt a “one test fits all” methodology which cannot always take into account variations in development levels.

Placing a specialist 7 Plus tutor with your child,  will even out any differences between your child’s development and those of their peers, ensuring a level playing field before the assessments.

Tutoring for the 7 Plus and 8 Plus Assessments

The tutors we introduce specialise in teaching younger children. By focusing on literacy and numeracy using a variety of fun and engaging methods, your child’s tutor will develop the core skills demanded by a school assessment.

Your child will also be introduced to exam technique, helping them to understand potentially tricky questions and demonstrating their understanding in key areas.

How can I improve my child’s chances at 7 Plus?

We are often asked what a school is looking for and how parents should best prepare their children for 7 Plus. This is a rather complicated question because there are so many variables to consider. Movement at 7 Plus, in Year 3 is typically to a selective preparatory school. Schools publicly state there is no place for tuition in this process, but parents cannot be blamed for giving their child the best possible chance. i.e by tutoring for the exam. The common consensus is that the schools are cherrypicking the highest achieving children and that most children are tutored for the exams. Our belief is that there is nothing worse than a child underperforming and not getting a place at a school that they could have got one in. However, this is balanced by the fact that many children are over prepared and then go on to struggle in their prep school.

If you are unsure about how best to navigate the notoriously difficult London school system, please contact us. We will be happy to advise.

The School Entrance Exams we have Introduced Tutors for:

We specialise in introducing tutors to prepare children for the 7 Plus / 8 Plus assessments required by many of the UK’s leading schools.

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  • Basset House School
  • Dulwich Prep
  • Eaton Square
  • Colet Court
  • Latymer Garden House
  • Hill House
  • Kensington Prep
  • Knightsbridge School
  • Newton Prep
  • Norland Place
  • Pembridge Hall
  • Thomas’ Fulham
  • Thomas’ Battersea
  • Thomas’ Clapham
  • Ludgrove
  • Papplewick
  • Sunningdale
  • Woodcote House
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School
  • Wetherby Prep
  • Westminster Under School.

To learn more about the schools our tutees attend, you can read our Schools Guide.

What is the 7 Plus?

The 7 Plus assessment is an entrance exam used by most independent preparatory schools accepting pupils for year three entrance.

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It can consist of any combination of assessments; it really comes down to the school and the type of children they prefer. Most issue Maths, English, and Verbal Reasoning tests, while others may also include PE and Art sessions in the assessment.

A few schools conduct interviews with the children, although these are informal. Some prep schools opt to host a general open day or taster day, observing the children during class time.

How can I prepare?

The 7 Plus assessment is a deciding factor in your child’s future, a stepping stone towards the rest of their academic career. For this reason, avoid any last-minute cramming, and prepare well in advance.

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Your child should build up their literacy, numeracy, and thinking skills over time, either with a tutor or parent, and practice expressing themselves correctly and eloquently. We can help you by carrying out a full, expert academic assessment on your child, that will give you an in-depth analysis of their learning strength.

This assessment will help you ascertain specific academic goals for your child, and identify any weak areas before going ahead into 7 Plus preparation. If you are confident in your child’s test-taking skills, but are unsure about which schools to apply to, we can help you find a school that will be a perfect match for your child.

What is the 8 Plus?

Many schools offer entry at 8 Plus, in year 4, as well as 7 Plus.

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The 8 Plus exam is a more intensive exam than the 7 Plus. Students are expected to have a greater mastery of Maths, including multiplication, as well as English.

In terms of their literacy skills, students should have a wide vocabulary range, and be able to write eloquently, with a higher level of sophistication.

Meet a typical 7 Plus tutor

Daniel attended NYU on an academic scholarshipHolds a degree with distinction in Engineering Science
Specialises in Common EntranceTutees have gone on to gain places at the schools of their choice, including Haberdasher's Boys and Highgate School
  • Harry enjoyed [Katherine’s] lessons, she was responsive in terms of his needs and timing, and he scored well in the exams thereafter. I would certainly be pleased to recommend her.

    Mr Howes, UKiset prep, Eton

  • 'I think we have found a really good match with her so thank you for that.'

    Mrs Johnson, Year 5 English and Maths

  • I have been delighted with Natalie and am continuing tuition until September. I am also very happy with all other aspects of the way the company is run.

    Mrs. B, 7+ Prep

  • Macsen has immediately clicked with Russell and they are off to a great start which is so encouraging.

    Mrs. P, home schooling for a year 5 boy with ADHD

  • We were very impressed with Louise as the difference in writing particularly has been significant. She also has a lovely manner and responded to her very well. We are very happy to recommend her to other families.

    Mrs. P, 7+ Fulham Prep

  • We really like Natasha, she is very good and she knows just how to handle Lillie and I can see her confidence in both English and maths growing.

    Mrs. H, year 3 English and Maths

  • Amanda is very happy with Diego. He is very patient as she is very easily distracted.

    Mrs. B, mother of a 7+ entrant

  • Amy is great, well prepared, quick in assessing my son's knowledge and hands on, personal, approachable and the chemistry with my son was good. I was so pleased at the end of the session, that I was almost gave her a hug. So, yes, I do hope...

    Mrs. B, 7+ prep Kensington

  • I feel very grateful to Amy to have helped me. Amy was funny and happy and it helped learning in an easy way. She did not get angry, she was pleased with my effort even if I got things wrong. Amy taught me how to check my...

    Miss K, 7+ Colet Court Kensington

  • Russell was really helpful and very lovely; always on time and definitely helped Eren a lot with her 7+ English and interview technique

    Mrs I, 7+ exam and interview prep Bayswater

  • Amy is great, well prepared, quick in assessing my son's knowledge and hands on. I was so pleased at the end of the session that I almost gave her a hug.

    Mrs B, 7+ prep South Kensington (Kynan, 7+)

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