Guidance and Support for Parents of Younger Children

At Simply Learning Tuition, we firmly believe that over preparation for the 4+ is a mistake. Although 4+ Assessments are becoming a more common part of the admissions process for many leading schools, we believe that at this stage children do not benefit from rigid preparation. Indeed, schools are experts at spotting the child that will likely be a good fit for their school based on their innate character. They are generally looking for a combination of characteristics that cannot really be, ‘tutored’.

Our expert consultants may instead be able to provide advice on choosing a school and education pathway planning.

Preparation for 4+ Assessments

While a 4+ Assessment is much less academically demanding than the testing a child will undergo later in their school careers, relaxed preparation from a parent can be helpful. At this stage, if you want to do anything you could focus on the core skills every child needs to develop – such as concentration, listening and turn-taking – by engaging them with active play and helping to nurture natural curiosity and a desire to learn.

  • Azhar was brilliant. He could relate to my son very well (who is quite young). Also, in terms of the way the company is run – everything was perfect!

    Mrs. M, Early Years Reading and Writing

  • Macsen has immediately clicked with Russell and they are off to a great start which is so encouraging.

    Mrs. P, home schooling for a year 5 boy with ADHD

  • As soon as Eleanor and Fred entered the house they were focused on A, what he was doing, what he liked to do with them. Eleanor let him play with a little Alphabet puzzle she had and A immediatly started to learn a few new letters. They...

    Ms. P, early years home schooling

  • Eleanor was very focused on Alex, what he was doing, what he liked to do. She took out some paints and paper and let alex paint a picture, asking continually what he was doing, showing him how to mix colours.

    Mrs. T, early years Art

  • Ailsa is fantastic, couldn't recommend her highly enough. She has a natural rapport with Jasper, and is very conscientious, patient and generous person.

    Mrs. C, early years Art

  • I am delighted with the tutoring experience we had with you. George was absolutely fantastic. My son was really struggling with work at school and could not understand his teacher. George had the patience and time to sit with Daniel and go back to basics. Daniel has...

    Mrs. Samson, Early Years English and maths

  • We send thanks to Natasha for her tuition of Will. She was very supportive, solid and thorough in her teaching and really helped our son to get a grasp of the missing parts of the jigsaw. We are very grateful to her.

    Ms. H, early years tuition

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