For the 11 Plus  your child will need to focus on exam technique and preparation. Unfortunately schools adopt a ‘one test fits all’ methodology, which can fail to take into account the wide variations in development level displayed by children at this relatively young age.

Tutors will even out these differences in developmental level and improve results dramatically. In Literacy tutors focus on the core skills of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and essay composition: encouraging the child to unleash their full creativity (and to curtail it in when necessary!). In comprehension tutors ensure that children understand the meaning of different question terms such as ‘describe’ and ‘explain’. As in all exams, understanding what the question means is the half the battle.

For Numeracy, tutors often spend time revising the core concepts of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition before moving on to the more challenging questions. Many children are perfectly able to handle the complex areas as soon as they are grounded in the basics.

Tutors prepare children for many of the UK’s leading schools, including: Basset House School, Dulwich Prep, Eaton Square, Colet Court, Latymer, Garden House, Hill House, Kensington Prep, Knightsbridge School, Newton Prep, Norland Place, Pembridge Hall, Sussex House, Thomas’ Fulham, Thomas’ Battersea, Thomas’ Clapham, Ludgrove, Papplewick, Sunningdale, Woodcote House, Westminster Cathedral Choir School, Wetherby Prep and Westminster Under School.

“Russell was really helpful and very lovely; always on time and definitely helped Eren a lot with her English and interview technique etc. She was definitely feeling well prepared when she went in to the exam at Notting Hill” Mrs I, Bayswater



  • I just wanted to let you know Stephen’s Geography result 84%, class average 72%. Thank you for all your help.

    Mr. D, St. Paul’s 13+

  • It is very difficult to express how grateful we are to you for what you've achieved with our son. The challenges he has encountered along the way have been met with patience and respect.

    Mrs Carfax, Holland Park, 13+ prep

  • Christopher has them both in the zone: comprehending what is required and the work and effort needed for the grades they want. The boys are looking forward to their next session with him

    Mrs. A, 13+ prep

  • Russell has been a wonderful tutor for my son and daughter. He has been patient, kind, insightful, intuitive, inspiring and a real positive force in the children's educational lives.

    Mrs. C, 11+ and 13+ prep

  • According to my son Natasha was extremely helpful and went over things in a clear and concise way, boosting his confidence for his exams.

    Mrs. D, 13+ exam prep

  • Harry got 78% in his geography exam - how good is that! Thanks for all your help and we will be in touch in the lead up to his mocks in March for some more help.

    Mrs. H, Harrow 13+ Common Entrance

  • You told me that Russell is the best, so thank you.

    Mrs. M, 13+ French

  • My son Ivan was very glad to meet Max and appreciated the opportunity to study with him. For the short time Max was with him, he gave him some important information for past exams (CE) for Sciences, Religious Studies, Geography and English and could explain the complicated...

    Mrs. M, 13+ Maths and Science Skype tuition Moscow

  • Adam was a wonderful tutor, who worked hard to build up a rapport with James. James was offered several places and an academic scholarship.

    Mrs. S, 13+ prep

  • Jack came to tutor our 13 year old son for his Common Entrance exam for Eton College. After a day or so his charisma had attracted all 5 children to request tutoring! He turned Timothy from a predicted/mock Grade C to achieving a grade A and the...

    Mrs. Wilkinson, Eton 13+ Common Entrance Wilts

  • We will encourage Ibrahim to work on the areas identified and to practice past exam papers. Ibrahim enjoyed the course and said it was very useful and said he will use the techniques he learnt both in English and maths and off course continue learning the Latin...

    Mrs. Z, 13+ Common Entrance Summer Course

  • Michael has been exceptionally dedicated to our daughters’ success and is extremely knowledgeable and smart. They really enjoyed their sessions with him!

    Ms. A, 13+ Biology tuition

  • My son gained a scholarship to St Paul’s School, gaining A grades in both Greek and Latin.

    Ms. A, 13+ prep

  • Russell was brilliant as ever, really good at motivating Flora. She succeeded in getting through the Oundle prelim and is now set for the final scholarship exams in May.

    Ms. H, Oundle 13+ prep

  • Joseph has been accepted to Radley College. He scored all ‘A’s on his exams. Thank you very much for your kind help; you are a very good, organised tutor.

    Ms. Jones, 13+ Radley prep

  • Zora is a very devoted and conscientious tutor who prepares well and tries to get her tutoree's attention with various methods. She is very polite and discrete.

    Ms. S, Residential 13+ CE tuition (France)

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