Kit is a great tutor. He utilises his vast wealth of impressively specialised political knowledge and experience very effectively.

Kit, one of Simply Learning Tuition's expert private tutors
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About Me

My specialist subjects are History and Politics which I teach from GCSE to degree level.

I also teach International Relations as well as helping students prepare for Oxford and Cambridge applications.

I have recently completed a doctorate in Politics at Oxford University on the British Conservative Party. During these exciting four years I worked as a History admissions tutor, taught numerous undergraduates, and presented my work at conferences as far apart as Manchester and Montreal.

Before Oxford I attended Durham University where I received a BA in Politics and MA in Modern History alongside rowing and coaching for my college boat club.

Having suffered a serious rugby injury as a teenager I received private tuition for my own A-Levels. As a result, I know the enormous benefits that this form of learning can bring; helping students develop their own independent analytical, research, and writing skills in a way that it almost impossible within the classroom.

Growing up with a history teacher for a father I spent much of my childhood visiting overgrown battlefields, ancient churches, and crumbling museums. It was this early experience compounded with my time touching the tangible fragments of the past – from Winston Churchill’s letters to Margaret Thatcher’s handbags – which inspired my deep love of history. Sharing the enthusiasm I have for studying the past and the real insight, interest, and fun that comes from History is one of my overriding goals as a tutor.

Alongside my passion for History I have had a long and profound interest in Politics – the two subjects being naturally complimentary. I have previously worked for a national political party, an international pressure group, and an American presidential campaign. Here, as with my tutoring of History, I always aim to work collaboratively with students drawing on and expanding their own interests as well as helping them to explore the deep social, economic, and cultural undercurrents which silently govern the political world around us.

Given my experience and academic recorded I was selected to be an Admissions Tutor at Oxford. As a result of performing this role for three years I have read thousands of personal statements, conducted hundreds of interviews, and marked countless admissions tests and pieces submitted work. I thus have a unique insight into the Oxbridge admissions system. I relish the opportunity this has given me to help students navigate the often confusing and complex admissions process. From helping to craft the perfect personal statement to providing interview preparation classes I am committed to giving students the best chance of gaining a place at the same kind of world-class institution which has done so much for me.

2009 – 2014, University of Oxford, DPhil Politics

2008 – 2009, Durham University, MA Modern History: Distinction

2005 – 2008, Durham University, BA Hons Politics: First Class

2004 – Oxford Tutorial College, A-Level Law (A)

1999 – 2004, Bloxham School, A-Level Business Studies (A), A-Level Politics (A), GCSE: Business Studies (A*), Geography (A*), Maths (A), English (A), Science (A,A)

Recent Tuition

GCSE Tuition

GSCE History B (AQA): I am working with a promising student who is having difficulty with her International Relations module for GCSE. Together we are focussing on her essay technique and analytical ability.

GCSE History B (OCR): I am tutoring a highly engaged and passionate student who is having difficulty turning his enthusiasm into excellent results. Working on essay technique each week we plan essays together to focus on his analytical abilities.

GCSE History B (OCR): Working with a student who has yet to be inspired by History but loves film and media each week I help her gain an appreciation for the subject by creating miniature videos and films on her GCSE topics.

IGCSE History (CIE): This Easter I have been working with a student who has been having difficulties with her IGCSE course. We focus mainly on how to answer source questions and plan and write essays in her Cold War and Germany modules.

AS Tuition

AS Level Government and Politics (EdExcel): Working together over his Easter holiday I have been helping a student who recently received a U grade in his mock exams to master the content of the AS course.

AS Level Government and Politics (EdExcel): I have been working intensely with a very talented student who needs to quickly brush up her AS knowledge and writing skills in order to achieve her goal of 100% in her exams!

AS Level Government and Politics (EdExcel): I am currently tutoring a promising AS student who was having difficulty constructing and writing essays. After an initial meeting we have developed a plan for future tutorials focussing on this skill.

AS Level History (OCR): I am working with a student who is having trouble with his Germany 1933-1963 module. Focussing on content – where he is having the greatest difficulty – we work together to build up his understanding of the course and the subtleties of the period.

AS Level History (EdExcel): Alongside helping him on his British Political History module I am working with a promising young student to finesse his essay writing and knowledge of 20th Century Italian history.

A2 Tuition

A2 Level Politics (EdExcel): I am working closely with a student taking the ideologies section of the course. He find work in class difficult and I have

A2 Level Politics (Ed Excel): At the moment I am working closely with a student who is having difficulties with the political ideologies section of his A2 Politics. Doing intensive one to one sessions both in person and over Skype we are working on all aspects and types of political ideologies. Primarily using mind-mapping techniques I am building up the students confidence and grasp of this often tricky subject.

A2 Level History (OCR): I am presently helping a very promising student who is having difficulty with essay writing and coursework for his A2 level History course in Anglo-Saxon England and Irish history. Working together I have taught him tried and tested techniques to improve the structuring of his essays and how best to analyse and interpret sources.

A2 Level History (EdExcel): I am currently helping a very bright student with her A2 Module ‘Kaiser to Fuhrer’. In addition, I am helping her revise her AS Module on British Politics 1945-2007 in order for her to be fully prepared to retake the module in the hope of improving her grade.

Undergraduate Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition (Politics): Working on a one-to-one basis I taught students an eight-week intensive course in British politics at Oxford. Using the internationally renowned ‘Oxbridge Tutorial’ method my students not only came to clearly understand British politics but also developed their own independent study skills, the ability to construct clear and concise arguments, and were provided with the opportunity for constant self-reflection and evaluation. All of my students achieved excellent exam results and one was even inspired to write his undergraduate dissertation on the history of Thatcherism and is now studying for an MA in History.

Undergraduate Dissertation Tutor (History): Working with a student who was having difficulty with his undergraduate dissertation together we helped choose and refine a topic for him that was both interesting and achievable. Having developed a research plan with the student he is now on course to produce a first-rate dissertation.
Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor (History): I am currently co-supervising an Oxford University history undergraduate who is writing his dissertation on the history of cricket.

3rd Year Politics Tutor (LSE): Providing one to one tuition to a bright and talented 3rd year student at LSE I am helping her with a module on ‘Democracy and Democratization’ she is having difficulty with. Every week I help organise her reading, provide advice on how to understand articles and book chapters, work with her on structuring and proofreading essays.

Graduate Tuition

PhD Politics Tutor (LSE): I have recently begun tutoring a busy PhD student who also has a full time job. Focussing on IR theory we work together to broaden her knowledge, improve her written work, and apply for grants and competitions.

MA History Tuition (LSE): I am currently working with an MA student who is retaking a year of his course. Together we work to simply and refine his reading lists, direct his research, and prepare and present papers.

University Admissions Tuition

Oxford Interview Practice: I recently gave a student a two-day intensive course on Oxford interviews for History and Economics. After many hours of mock-interviews, detailed feedback, and evaluation the student who arrived in a very nervous state left ready and confident for her interview.

Oxbridge Admissions Tutor and Mentor (English): Helping a student apply for English at Oxford we worked together to select the most appropriate college for her. I then aided the student in writing and editing her personal statement, provided mock interview practice and gave advice and support throughout the admissions process. After a successful application the student is now studying English at Mansfield College.

Admissions Tutor and Mentor (Philosophy):

Beginning by helping the student to choose the best universities for her we then worked together on creating the ideal personal statement which involved multiple redrafts and edits. The student has produced an excellent personal statement and has already been offered places at a number of her preferred universities.

Hobbies and Interests

I continue to publish articles and reviews on the history of the Conservative party and British politics more generally. I am currently working on an article detailing the relationship between the Morris Minor and Britishness!

I am a keen cook and have (before the cooking) run marathons in the past.


‘Kit is currently tutoring my daughter in A Level History and I would not hesitate to recommend him. His friendly, yet professional, approach encourages engaged learning and she is very pleased to be working with him.’ – Janet, parent of current tutee

“Kit was very helpful in editing my personal statement to perfection and discussing my university options. He was a great listener and thoughtfully gave suggestions as to which courses and colleges would be right for me. I’ve now received several offers and he is giving me great interview practise too.” – Eleanor, University Applicant

“The advice Kit gave me in the summer before I applied was extremely valuable, particularly in terms of explaining the way in which different elements of the admissions process are ‘weighed’ against each other. He advised me on writing a personal statement that would stand out and be helpful in terms of allowing me to prepare as much as possible for interview. He also suggested that I look at tutors’ research interest, but at the same time not to be overly anxious about colleges due to the nature of the pooling system. I am now reading English at Oxford and am very grateful for Kit’s help.” – Helena, Oxford applicant

“Kit really helped me with my undergraduate history dissertation. From feeling totally lost after only five sessions I had a really interesting topic and a plan of how to research and write it. Kit keeps on checking in to see how its going and I know I can always ask for more help.” – Joe, 3rd Year Undergraduate (Oxford University)

“In his capacity as a DPhil student and a tutor appointed by the college, Kit taught me the Oxford FHS politics core paper ‘British Government and Politics since 1900’. All of the tutorials were extremely well prepared, with a clear structure and well-defined goals. These tutorials helped me to explore the full complexity of 20th-century British politics, delineating the origins, the evolution, and the interplay different political traditions, and raising the paper to a theoretical level as to how historians and political scientists should approach the recent past. An expert on the Conservative Party and conservatism in Britain, Kit’s tutorials not only inspired me to write my undergraduate thesis on Margaret Thatcher, but also prepared me to tackle wider problems in history and contemporary politics.” – Ziang, 2nd Year Undergraduate (University of Oxford)

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