Darius is a fantastic tutor. As well as his impeccable academic record he has a friendly nature that brings Economics to life for his students

ECONOMICS Tutor Darius Beresford Wylie
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About Me

My specialist subjects are Mathematics and Economics, which I teach up to IB or A-Level. I also teach Finance and Business Studies to students.

I recently graduated from The London School of Economics top of my degree class, having achieved the highest overall score on the Accounting & Finance BSc programme.

I studied a range of subjects including Accounting, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. I scored exceptionally high marks in all of these exams, and have a genuine passion and interest in these subjects.

I have excelled academically, and am keen to pass on my methods/techniques of studying to other students to help them realise their highest potential. I believe learning should not be simply confined to the arbitrary boundaries set in the curriculum. The most effective learning, and development of knowledge comes from studying beyond these, in order to obtain a varied and wide-ranged understanding of a subject. This helps a student master the subject and to perform well in classwork, homework and exams.

I believe that each student needs to be tutored in a unique way suitable to them, and as such take an innovative approach with each student.

2011-2014 The London School of Economics BSc Accounting & Finance, First Class Honours

2003-2010 The King’s School, Peterborough

A-Levels: Mathematics (A*), Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A)

GCSE: Mathematics (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), History (A*), English Lit (A*), English Lang (A*), Business Studies (A*), RE (A*), Sports (A), French (B)

Recent Tuition

16+ Entrance Exams Mathematics and Economics

During the 2013/14 I tutored my younger brother extensively during his application process for the leading schools in London including Westminster, St Paul’s, Harrow and many others. He was successful in receiving multiple offers, and achieved a 90% mark in one of the economics entrance exams. I have continued to offer him support during his A-Levels now, and he regularly scores marks that are top of his class for economics and mathematics.

IB Mathematics

I have been regularly tutoring an IB Standard Level student who was struggling to remember the vast amount of different topics in the syllabus. He had particular problems with Calculus and Algebra, so our tuition has mainly focused on these two core topics to ensure he is adequately prepared for the forthcoming examinations. The tutoring work with this student continues at present, and I am pleased to see a continual improvement in his work and for him to actually start enjoying studying Mathematics!

GCSE Maths

I have recently started to participate in a home-schooling Mathematics placement for a 16 year old boy. Despite no longer being at school his parents are still eager for him to perform well in the upcoming examinations and so my tuition focuses on intensive revision of the various topics in the syllabus. There has also been a large focus on practising past examination paper questions and ensuring he is able to answer these quickly and accurately without making mistakes.

AS Level Economics

I have been holding regular sessions for a 17 year old pupil for his AS Level economics who is currently enrolled at one of the top public schools in the United Kingdom. He is already a top performing student in class, but the tuition is to develop his knowledge beyond the syllabus so that he can be confident in securing a place at Oxford University to study Economics.

13+ Entrance Exams Mathematics

During the 2015 Easter break I completed an intensive revision week for a pupil in year 8 for her upcoming 13+ entrance exams for Mathematics. We covered the syllabus material in-depth, and then went beyond this to ensure her examination performance would be exceptional and that she would stand out as a high-calibre candidate. I am now having regular weekly sessions with her to continue to offer my support towards her studies for the upcoming examination.

IB Mathematics

Over the 2014 Christmas holiday period I tutored a sixth-form student on numerous occasions for IB Mathematics. The tutoring sessions involved revising material the student had covered and then exploring beyond the syllabus to further develop his knowledges of the various topics. We also practised numerous past exam questions to improve the student’s confidence at answering these, and to ensure he was able to apply his knowledge to real exam questions. I saw real improvement in the student’s ability, and at the end of the course he was able to answer exam questions independently with little/no guidance.

AS Level Economics

During late 2014 I worked with a pupil who was struggling with her Economics classwork and who had fallen behind the rest of her class. Having not studied Economics or similar subjects before she found many of the basic concepts quite strange and difficult to grasp. By focusing on key foundational concepts and gradually building upon these I managed to drastically improve her understanding of the subject and also her class/homework performance.

Third Year Undergraduate Finance Tuition

During April 2015 I held a number of tuition sessions with a third year university student to provide support for his work in his Corporate Finance module. He had recently scored a first class (1:1) in his multiple choice exam, and wanted to ensure he scored a first class in his end of year written exam. We focused mainly on tackling numerical questions and the numerical aspects of the course, by working through the lecture slide examples, and through some different exam questions.

GCSE/16+ Mathematics and Economics

I was previously tutoring a 15 year old girl for GCSE Mathematics and Economics in preparation for her Westminster entrance exams in November 2014. The tuition extended beyond the school syllabus in order to ensure she was adequately prepared for the exams and scored exceptional marks. I had drawn upon my experience of these subjects from my university studies to help her develop an in-depth and rigorous understanding of the subjects.

IB Mathematics

I completed an intense Mathematics revision week with an international student during her half term holidays. We revised the material she covered during the previous term to ensure she had a solid understanding of this and would be prepared for her final IB exams. We also covered a lot of material which she would be studying during the forthcoming term, to ensure she had a strong head start and could continue to perform top of her class.

Undergraduate Tuition Mathematics and Finance

During my final year of university studies I helped tutor students from the first and second years who were struggling with the course material on the Accounting & Finance BSc programme. I focused principally on Mathematics and Finance, but also provided assistance with other subjects. I did this for several hours each week during term time, and also made flexible arrangements with the students to meet them at times most suitable for their schedules. One particular student was scoring a lower second (2:2), but after one terms tutoring was scoring first class marks (1:1).

KS1, 2, 3 Mathematics, Science and English

I also tutored/mentored numerous primary school students as part of a specialist Science College Scheme during my time in sixth-form. I helped provide extra support to material they had covered in class but which they were having difficulties with, aided with the completion of homework and also helped cover additional topics that they did not cover in class. I saw a real improvement in the ability of the students, as evidenced by Christina improving her SATs scores from level 3b to level 5a or Anthony improving his mathematics grades from a C grade to an A grade.

Hobbies and Interests

I am involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and have a varied range of interests outside of tutoring.

I have worked/interned previously for some of the most prestigious companies in the financial services industry, including: Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, and GE. These work placements have been based around Investment Banking, Management Consultancy and Financial Analysis.

I am a first dan black belt in Karate and have been regularly attending training for ten years, in addition to teaching classes for junior members of my club. Furthermore, I am a keen basketball player, having played as team captain during high school, and more recently have played recreationally on weekends in London.

I currently run an online Ebay business, buying/selling vintage music memorabilia internationally, and have done this with great success over the past six years. I have completed well over 1,500 transactions over this time.

I have also undertaken a varied range of voluntary work including a summer placement scheme at a local residential home which involved conversing with residents, as well as organising and participating in local trips and leisure activities.

I was also previously a member of the specialist Science College Scheme, acting as a mentor for underprivileged children, some of whom had learning difficulties.


“Thank you very much for helping at short notice with Mauro’s tutoring. He thought you were brilliant and a genius.”

“Darius, thank you so much for all the help and support you offered me this week! You’ve been amazing and were a great tutor to have. I definitely feel much more confident with maths now after all the help you’ve given me”

“Thanks for all your wonderful work … we shall look forward to booking you again for Masha. She will need maths help during thr Easter holidays so I am hoping you are around!”

“Having you as my maths and economics tutor has been invaluable and I cannot thank you enough for all the help you provided me. I went from having no prior knowledge of economics to scoring a 90% mark in one of my entrance exams and owe that all to you!”

“Darius, you have been an excellent help for my daughter, and she said she very much enjoyed the tuition sessions with you. She was a high achiever already, but I think the session with you helped give her that edge she needed for the entrance exam. I offer you my greatest thanks.”

“Thank you for your support over the holiday period with Alex. It’s been a pleasure having you as a teacher and Alex feels much more confident in his own abilities”

“Darius was great, exceptionally able and very competent much better than the tutors at school according to my son. Thank you very much “

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