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About Me

Over the fifteen years of mentoring & tutoring; I have held forty two full time residential positions and more than three hundred part time / after-school positions. Several positions involved travelling with the family through several countries and tutoring on boats, in planes, safaris, deserts & in the middle of jungle.

I am fortunate to encounter and interact with people from varying background on a routine basis. I have benefited vastly from the opportunity accorded to me. In the process, I have acquired and refined my communication and inter-personal skills, enabling me to work successfully as an integral member of a team or alone, without supervision. The resolute determination and focus on achieving my goals has routinely forced me to employ lateral thinking to the hurdles being faced, in a calm and collective manner. I thrive on challenges, and as such look forward to embracing the challenges of tomorrow.

My approach respects the student`s personality and capabilities while challenging their thinking and perceptions. I adopt the Socratic Method in my teaching approach, peppered with fun and humour, to bring out the best in my students.

My Academic Qualifications are as follows:

Corllins, MIT, Harvard & Queen Mary University of London PhD in Nuclear medicine {Chemistry}

Queen Mary University of London MSci in Organic chemistry

Queen Mary University of London BSc (with Hons)

Preston Manor High School A Level {3A’s}

Preston Manor High School GCSE {3A* & 2A}

Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School O Levels {12A*}

Recent Tuition

I’ve worked with over 20 11+ students in preparation for entrance exams to many top London schools.

Amy IB Chemistry {within few weeks from 4 to 6}

Tom IB Chemistry {within two weeks from 3 to 5}. Residential tutoring in UK.

Eigmerin IB Chemistry {from 3 to 6}

Rose IB Chemistry & Biology {from 3 to 6 in biology, 3 to 7 in chemistry}. Residential tutoring in Nigeria.

Mono IB Chemistry {from 4 to 7 in chemistry}. Residential tutoring in Bangladesh.

Neha IB Chemistry {from 3 to 7 in chemistry}. Residential tutoring in Kenya.

George IB Chemistry {a student with Dyslexia, from 4 to 6 in chemistry}. Residential tutoring in Kenya.

Rehan A Level Biology & Chemistry {from D to A*}

Karishma A Level Biology & Chemistry {Within 3 months from E to A*}

Aaron A Level Chemistry {a student with Dyslexia, within 5 weeks from D to B}

Rasheed A Level Biology & Chemistry {from D to A*}

Charley, Stephen, Simon & Chan A Level Chemistry {Mentally challenged students, ranged from D to B / A} . Residential tutoring in Kerela.

Under privileged Students O Levels & A Level Health education, RE, Chemistry & Biology {ranged from D to B – A*}. Residential Camps, teaching in India, Kenya, Tanzania & Bangledesh.

Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley A Level Biology & Chemistry {Within 4 months, ranged from U/E to B-A*}

Hobbies and Interests

Rowing, ice-skating, rock-climbing, dancing, driving, cooking, swimming, reading articles regarding health, visiting historic sites, watch & play football, play throw ball, travelling, watching movies & news channels, listening to the music, voluntary work, personal development and personal empowerment.

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