Set Your Child on the Path to Academic Achievement

While it is never too early to prepare for academic success, under 10’s tuition requires careful consideration and attention. Hot housing, cramming and additional pressure can all undermine a child’s confidence at the very beginning of their educational journey.

SLT believes that a carefully administered and measured programme of support can help to build your child’s confidence, prepare them for assessments and create a life-long love of learning.

In order to give your child the best possible start, we will introduce you to a tutor who specialises in teaching younger children and whose techniques and approach will complement their schooling.

Why Use a Private Under 10’s Tutor?

There are many reasons that parents are choosing to supplement their child’s education with private tuition.

We will introduce a tutor to assist your child with:

  • 4 + Assessments

    Increasingly, schools are assessing children at this early age. We don't recommend tuition but a consultation with our early years specialist may be helpful.

  • Pre-School and Reception

    As your child adapts to their early school experiences, a specialist tutor will provide additional support and assistance.

  • Common Entrance Exam Preparation (7+ and 8+)

    A tutor will provide your child with the confidence and knowledge to tackle school assessments and interviews.

  • Special Educational Needs

    SLT are able to recommend tutors who are experienced with a range of special educational needs in order to provide additional support at this crucial stage.

  • Cultural Immersion

    New arrivals to the UK will be helped to adapt more quickly to life in a British school.

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A Typical Session with an Under 10’s Tutor 

Early Years Tuition

Meet Erin, a specialist tutor, and four year old Tabitha, her student.

Sessions take place in Tabitha’s home, a comfortable environment where the young student feels relaxed and able to learn. After a ‘bone-crunching hug,’ the afternoon’s tuition begins.

From the very beginning, Erin puts Tabitha at ease, using a discussion and impromptu drawing session to introduce new words into Tabitha’s vocabulary. This is followed up by a spot of phonics in order to smooth out the enthusiastic young lady’s haphazard pronunciation.

By incorporating role playing and games, and maintaining a gentle and friendly tone, Erin is able to connect with Tabitha and steer her towards the end results.

It might not feel like learning, but this is the four year old’s first step on a road to prep school, private school and eventually Oxbridge.

Learn more about Erin and Tabitha here.