Online learning is the way of the future – your children know this already. And when face-to-face tuition isn’t practical, online tuition can be a brilliant solution.

It’s also a really effective option for children who need specific expertise in a subject or situation. You might be living in the Scottish Highlands and need an IB expert. You might be an expat living in Dubai with a child preparing for a London day school. Or you might have a child who doesn’t need the pastoral care of a face-to-face tutor – they just need the best academic specialists for each of their subjects, wherever those people are in the world.

In all these situations, and many more, we can introduce you to the right online tutor quickly and easily.

Below are some case studies that show how effective online tuition can be.

Online GCSE tuition and mentoring for a student at Perm Ballet School

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How do you keep a brilliant ballet dancer on track with their academic studies when you are 10,000 miles away? We introduced tutors to work with a London GCSE student, who was studying at one of Russia’s leading ballet schools.

Twice weekly Skype supervisions and daily online tuition provided an effective replacement for lessons at the boy’s public school. His parents trusted us to manage their son’s learning; safe in the knowledge that their son was still following his dreams - and completing his GCSE’s.

Local experts, internationally deployed: specialist online IB tutors from Cornwall and South Africa help a student in Delhi to achieve 40 IB points.

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We were contacted by the parents of an Indian girl studying at Westminster, who was having problems with creative writing. We introduced her to a tutor who worked with her at her home in Knightsbridge, then remotely with her when the family returned to their main residence in Delhi.

On top of that, we also matched her to two of the very top specialist IB tutors for her subjects, one of whom happened to live in Cornwall, the other in Africa. It didn’t matter – their online tuition continued for a period of 16 months, and she achieved an IB score of 40.

IB Biology online tuition helps
student in Japan

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We were contacted by the parents of a student attending a leading international school in Japan. Their daughter did not get on well with her schoolteacher and the family could not find a local IB Biology tutor in the local area.

We introduced an experienced IB tutor (someone who really knew the intricacies of the syllabus) who worked online. The tuition worked brilliantly and the student got 40 in her IB. The patents asked us to introduce a tutor for four additional IB subjects as well as the Extended Essay and TOK.

Online preparation for the Westminster and
Colet Court 11+

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Our clients in Dubai were preparing for the UK 11+ for entrance to leading schools, including Westminster and Colet Court. We introduced a tutor who provided Skype tuition each week to develop each child's literacy and numeracy. The tutor worked on creative exercises and some past papers, using web-cams and  white-board software, with a careful exchange of scanned documents to assess handwriting and workings out that

cannot be expressed cleanly on the screen. As the exams drew closer, the family flew to the UK for some supervised tests under exam conditions and we arranged a mock interview with a prep-school Headmaster. This ensured the children were prepared for their 11+ but it also meant that they enjoyed day to day school more, coming to lessons with more confidence and passion.

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