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Oxbridge Entrance Tutors

With their worldwide reputation for academic excellence, Oxford and Cambridge are generally considered to be among the most challenging universities in the world at which to secure a place. To ensure your child has the best possible chance of success, Simply Learning Tuition’s team of education consultants and Oxbridge Tutors provide tailored support through every part of the application process.

Working with the support of an expert Oxbridge tutor ensures that applicants shine at every stage of the process, and will equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to impress the admissions team. At Simply Learning Tuition, we have helped hundreds of students win places at Oxford and Cambridge – our success rate is 60% for acceptance at first choice colleges, compared to the national average of 16%.

How can Oxbridge tutors help?

Tutors will guide your child through the process of writing an exemplary personal statement. This means a statement that doesn’t just ‘tick all the boxes’ – something Oxbridge admissions tutors see straight through – but instead brings out your child’s natural character, passions and refers to all their wider engagement beyond their sixth form academics. For Cambridge applications, tutors help students make the most of their SAQ (Supplementary Application Questionnaire, used to supplement the UCAS information).

One area of Oxbridge applications which can seem particularly formidable is the infamous interview. Effective tuition will help your child fine tune their interview skills, and strengthen their self-confidence so they can achieve their full potential and impress the admissions teams. Another key contributing factor to success is achieving a high score in the subject admissions tests, such as the MLAT at Oxford (Modern Languages Admissions Test). The standard required for these tests is significantly higher than A Level. The tutors we work with have years of experience of preparing for these assessments, and know how to help students raise their level to excel on the day.

Oxbridge Tutors

All the tutors we introduce are Oxbridge-educated, and therefore have first-hand experience of the application process. Moreover, many have themselves been on the interviewing panel. This gives your child an unparalleled insight into how best to approach the Oxbridge application process, and arms them with the tools and confidence to succeed. 

  • Alex H

    Alex H

    Alex is a specialist Maths tutor who works with students from 11+ to Oxbridge level. Additionally, he works with students on their Oxbridge admissions.

  • Alex HM

    Alex HM

    Alex specialises in teaching Latin and can also tutor Greek and Russian. As well as this, he prepares students for university applications.

  • Alexander S

    Alexander S

    Alexander specialises in varying entrance exams and core GCSE subjects. He also prepares students for Oxbridge applications.

  • Alli


    Alli has a DPhil from Oxford in Chemical Engineering and specialises in Maths and Science tuition from 11+ through to A Level.

  • Amy


    Amy is an experienced private tutor who provides interactive and rigorous lessons, tailored to each student.

  • Anil


    Anil is an Oxford graduate who is highly multidisciplinary teaching a range of subjects including Maths, English, Music and Science.

  • Arina


    Having studied Classics and French at Oxford, Arina specialises in Latin tuition, while also supporting with Greek, Russian, Oxbridge applications and US standardised admissions tests.

  • Beth


    Beth is a highly experienced tutor who has worked around the world, specialising in English tuition.

  • Camille


    Camille specialises in English Literature and Language. She provides tuition for 11+ and 13+, as well as University entrance exams.

  • Ed


    Ed specialises in History, Politics and Geography exam preparation from 11+ up to and including A Level. He also prepares students for Oxbridge applications.

  • Freddie


    Freddie specialises in English Literature and Language. He also teaches Theology, Ancient Greek and Latin, as well as preparing students for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry examinations.

  • Geoffrey


    Geoffrey specialises in English, while additionally teaching Performing Arts, Media Studies, Education and Sociology. He is hugely experienced in preparing students for Oxbridge entrance.

  • Guillermo


    Guillermo specialises in Economics tuition and works exclusively online. He can also support with Spanish and Oxbridge applications.

  • Iona


    Iona specialises in Classics and English Literature but can also teach English as a foreign language, History, Greek, Latin, French and German.

  • Jack H

    Jack H

    Jack specialises in English and Maths tuition for students up to GSCE level, including preparation for the 11+ and 13+ exams. He also prepares students for the LNAT exam and supports with Oxbridge applications.

  • James M

    James M

    James specialises in tutoring towards entrance examinations, in particular 7+, 11+ and 13+. He also supports Oxbridge applications.

  • John D

    John D

    John is an English specialist, who also Biology and French Tuition. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford and supports students with Oxbridge applications.

  • Kate


    Kate specialises in English GCSE and A Level. She can also support students in preparation for Oxbridge entrance.

  • Katherine


    Katherine is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, who supports with a wide range of subjects, including English, Maths, Geography, SAT/ACT, Business Studies and University applications.

  • Kieran B

    Kieran B

    Kieran is an Oxford Alumni, specialising in entrance examinations, History, English Language and Literature, and Oxbridge applications.

  • Lauren


    Lauren specialises in History and Politics up to A level. She also supports with Oxbridge applications, having attended both Oxford and Cambridge herself.

  • Luke


    Luke specialises in Maths and Physics tuition. He also teaches Economics, Chemistry, Biology and competitive Entrance Exam preparation.

  • Luke E

    Luke E

    Luke specialises in French and Spanish. He prepares students for 13+, 16+ and UCAS applications and offers personal statement guidance.

  • Matt


    Matt tutors English, History and Philosophy GCSE and A Level. He also tutors undergraduates and supports students with university applications.

  • Matthew H

    Matthew H

    Matthew specialises in English Language and Literature. He also prepares students for entrance exams and Oxbridge applications.

  • Matthew S

    Matthew S

    Matthew is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, with a particular specialism in Science, English, Maths and competitive Exam preparation, including the 13+, TSA, PAT, MAT and STEP exams.

  • Maxim


    Maxim specialises in Politics and History tuition, along with application and interview preparation for Oxford and Cambridge.

  • Natasha S

    Natasha S

    Natasha specialises in English, Philosophy and Theology up to A level, and also guides students through the UCAS and Oxbridge process.

  • Nathaniel H

    Nathaniel H

    Nathaniel specialises in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation. He also teaches English Literature and Language, History, French, Italian and German for entrance exams and Oxbridge admissions.

  • Oscar


    Having specialised in Shakespeare at the University of Cambridge, Oscar tutors English Literature from 11+ to A Level.

  • Sam


    Sam specialises in Psychology and Sociology tuition, along with study skills and exam technique. He also supports with Oxbridge Applications.

  • Sarah A

    Sarah A

    Sarah specialises in UCAS support and Interview Preparation. She is the Head of Careers for one of London's top Independent Schools.

  • Sean GT

    Sean GT

    Sean is a mentor and tutor who also supports with Personal Statements and Oxbridge applications.

  • Tristan


    Tristan specialises in tutoring GCSE and A-Level geography. He also prepares students for 13+ and the TSA for Oxbridge applications.

  • Virginia


    Virginia has a PhD in Classics, and specialises in this, along with Oxbridge Preparation and Interview Preparation.

  • "Miles helped me with every step of the Oxford application process - his comments made my personal statement, in particular much stronger. I was so happy to tell him that I had been offered a place!"

    JF, Oxford Placement

  • "My application to Oxford was quite a daunting prospect but it is now the proudest achievement of my life. Thank you for all the help"

    Milly, Oxford Placement

  • I have to acknowledge what a huge part Simply Learning, and more specifically, you, Omari, Tadhgh and Ellie, played in getting me to where I am! I cannot express over email quite how grateful I am, but suffice to say that you guys went above and beyond what an average tutoring agency would ever do, in terms of education and emotional support! My one-on-one sessions with you to tweak my personal statement and the many hours that the tutors put in to perfecting my interview technique and improving my very sub-par maths skills made the world of difference. I am sure of it. A huge, huge thank you to you and your team. You guys are simply fantastic.

    Miss T, South Kensington, Oxbridge Entry

  • "Kit’s tutorials not only inspired me to write my undergraduate thesis on Margaret Thatcher, but also prepared me to tackle wider problems in history and contemporary politics".

    Mr. P, Oxford University Politics Tuition