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Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, 100% of our clients have moved their tuition online. From the youngest students to the oldest, one to one online tuition is an effective, fun and safe way to keep your son or daughter engaged with their learning. For parents who now have to work from home, the time your child spends with a professional tutor will give you a chance to focus on your own work. 

Home schooling under the current conditions may seem like an impossible task. Schools are not designed to deliver resources effectively and parents have to engage their child through the day. There is little to no one to one attention with a teacher, which for many students can cause gaps in understanding, knowledge and confidence issues. Engaging a one to one professional tutor for your child provides support with school work, bespoke lessons and an educational mentor for your child to share any fears or concerns with.

Over the last 10 years, our home schooling experts have organised professional home schooling provision for children aged from four into adulthood, covering all the key academic stages. Coupled with introducing only specialist online home school tutors who are individually matched to your child, we ensure a positive and successful experience that results in progression and results, both academically and in a child’s happiness and mental health. (Read more about our approach to Home Schooling here.)

During the current period, we have for the first time, created weekly home schooling packages to make the process of home education more straightforward. These packages are flexible and can be booked in as little as 48 hours, with flexibility to pause as you need to. There is no long term commitment.

‘Our son is being home schooled for GCSEs, following some school anxiety and school phobia. The tutors have been so professional, while also being warm and friendly,’
SLT Parent interviewed by The Good Schools Guide.









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Online Home School Packages

1 hour each day, £400 per week

In this case, the carefully matched one to one tutor will work exclusively with your son or daughter to solve any specific challenges they face around a particular topic. They will also help act as a mentor and coach to ensure that each day of home schooling is as productive as possible. The tutor will work with your child’s existing curriculum and provide an online teaching facility. All you need is a good internet connection. If laptop availability is a challenge, tuition can take place by smart phone and in some cases even just by email.

Silver Online Package

3 hours per day,  £900 per week 

This amount of contact will be sufficient to cover all of your child’s curriculum and will also be of use to older students preparing for exams, or university entrance. We will introduce a range of tutors who are subject specialists so that your son or daughter is getting precisely the right help they need.

Gold Online Package

4 hours each day, £1,480 per week

This is our complete home school package, allowing for up to three subjects at an advanced level such as IB or A-Level. For younger students, the tutors will prepare a programme with many short lessons, to hold attention and let parents get on with their own work. This package also includes up to one hour each week of education consultancy, which can be used to help plan your child’s next steps; choosing a  new school or university and help with the application process.




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