Relocate Magazine Winning ImageThere are many reasons why families relocate to the UK; for work opportunities, lifestyle choices, or perhaps to receive a British education. Moving to a new country can be challenging and very few things are more complex than the British education system. Our education consultants help families to navigate this complexity; providing background on and introductions to leading schools. We also introduce private tutors and mentors to help students effectively settle into and get the most out of their UK study experience. Our work in this area has been highly praised by Relocate Magazine, who awarded us the honour of ‘Winner, Excellence in Employee and Family Support, 2017″.

Admission to the British schooling system

The British schooling system is notoriously complicated. As well as choosing schools, you must contend with registration and entrance assessments before you can secure a place for your child.

Our consultancy service can give you the independent, informed advice you need to make important decisions. After getting to know what you want from a school, we will help you to draw up a realistic list of the best schools for your family.

We regularly visit schools, and have formed close relationships with many head masters and mistresses, as well as registrars. We will introduce you to these key individuals, giving you access to networks which might otherwise be closed.

From here, we can introduce you to an expert private tutor with experience in the entrance exams your child will be sitting, giving them the support they need to pass these rigorous assessments.

Settling into a UK school or university

Starting a new school or university is a period of great anxiety for anyone. When that new school is in a foreign country, this can be compounded by cultural, social, pedagogical and linguistic differences.

The focus of a one-to-one mentor can be transformative in developing a young person’s understanding, skills and self confidence to smooth this period of transition.

Mentors typically visit your home for a few days before term starts and then regularly meet with your child as they settle into the first term.  Mentors are often asked to help students throughout their studies and university mentors can also help find internships and their first job after graduation.

Download brochures on our university fast-track and boarding school plus programmes to learn more.


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