We introduce private tutors to families all over the world

SLTA has introduced full-time private tutors and teachers to discerning families in more than 50 countries. These bespoke introductions are underpinned by our expertise as one of London’s most highly recommended tutor agencies. We place particular importance on introducing a tutor who will perfectly balance your child’s pastoral and academic needs.

Every family’s circumstance is unique and we will introduce a professional who matches your exact requirements. This could be a tutor (or qualified teacher) who is:

  • Available to work however, wherever and whenever you want
  • A specialist in any particular subject or any curriculum
  • Experienced in supporting children who have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or ADHD
  • Of a particular age range or nationality with religious or cultural values aligned to your own
  • Who speaks a particular language or enjoys certain sports or hobbies

We make the process of choosing a tutor plain sailing. The first step is to call or meet with us so that we can help you decide if a full time tutor is the best option, or if you might benefit more another form of support, such as a holiday tutor or an online tutor.

Common reasons for engaging a full time tutor

  • To deliver and manage a home schooling programme
  • Supporting a child who has learning difficulties
  • Challenging a particularly gifted child
  • Improving fluency in English
  • Preparation for entrance to a UK school or University
  • Ensuring academic continuity for a globally mobile family
  • Holiday revision tutors
  • Teaching child actors, musicians or sports stars

A tutor introduced by SLTA will increase knowledge, build confidence, and accelerate your son or daughter’s learning. This quickly creates a ripple effect through his or her entire life, which will have tremendous benefits for the child’s future and that of their entire family.

What is the SLTA approach to placing tutors?

After listening carefully to your requirements we will help you choose the solution that best fits your particular circumstances. In some cases, this is a full time tutor; in others a holiday  or online tutor may be all that is needed.  Consultations are held in whatever way is most convenient for you. Timeframes for a placement depend on your requirements but can be as short as 48 hours.

We source tutors from our international pool. This is a small network of full-time tutors who work permanently with families, wherever in the world they are needed. Over several placements for each tutor, we have come to really understand how these talented individuals work and what families they are best suited to. When we need to recruit more widely, we apply the same care and experience to our vetting process to ensure that your family is given a tutor who is the perfect match.

After your tutor starts work we do not manage the relationship between tutor, student and family. We find that this tends to undermine the relationship between tutor and family and instead, we focus on getting the introduction absolutely right at the beginning. At all times, you can be reassured that you are working with a professional who you can trust with your child’s education. You can give the tutor as much or as little guidance as you wish. Tutors are flexible and open to your input on their teaching methods.

Many families choose to pay for additional guidance from our consultancy company, SLTC, which can provide separate advice on assessments, entrance to a British school or university (we also offer guidance for UK, US and European institutions). Families also often contact us in subsequent years to ask for an introduction to another tutor for a sibling, or different subject.

How much does a full-time international tutor cost?

Tutor fees range from £60,000 to £150,000 per annum (pro-rated for shorter assignments). We charge a fee of 30% of the tutor’s salary, which is reduced by 50% for every additional year of the placement with the same tutor. Our initial consultation with you is detailed and free of charge. If you wish to proceed, we take a small retainer fee, which is refundable if you choose not to work with one of the tutors we present. If we are able to introduce a tutor from our pool, there are no further costs. If we need to extend our search we charge an additional £15,000. If you live in a country that is subject to UK VAT, this will be added to our fees.

Factors that influence the fee charged by a full time tutor include: the complexity of the role, the tutor’s experience and qualifications, your location(s) and how quickly you need the tutor to start work.

Find out more about international tuition explore our case studies in the map below.

  • Case Study

    Hong Kong

    Online partnership with British Tutors


    Hong Kong has many expat families, many of whom plan to move home to the UK when their children are old enough (or send the children to board in the UK). The island had a shortage of Common Entrance tutors who are appropriately versed in the UK system. We solved this problem by creating an online service for children to work with our London based, Common Entrance specialist tutors.

    Each child has their personal tutor, who they have a lesson with several times a week, after school. The tutors also provide group interview technique training and tuition for other academic levels.

  • Case Study


    Girl, 17 IB various subjects in an area that had no qualified local tutors


    We introduced a tutor initially for one subject, then for an additional four subjects. Nine months later, the student scored 40 in her IB exams.

    We were contacted by the parents of a student attending a leading international school in Japan. Their daughter did not get on well with her schoolteacher and the family could not find a local IB tutor in the local area. We introduced an experienced IB tutor (someone who really knew the intricacies of the syllabus) who worked online.

    The tuition worked brilliantly and the student got 40 in her IB. The patents asked us to introduce a tutor for four additional IB subjects as well as the Extended Essay and TOK.

  • Case Study


    Chinese children love studying in the UK and US but they are not culturally immersed enough to reap the full benefits.


    We help them prepare more effectively for their time overseas.

    Our office in China has been operational since summer 2014 and together with our partners, Beyond Learning in Hangzhou, we supply a steady stream of tutors to mainland China as part of the new SLT China Programme.

    Our key aim in China is to provide British Tutors to help Chinese students integrate with the western world; either for study or work. We also partner with Shoaxing school to provide summer camps in London. You can see more about our work in China on this video.

  • Case Study


    Boy, 17, self-study GCSE’s in Russian Ballet school where no one spoke English


    We introduced mentors and tutors to create a distance learning programme and exam structure. Boy covered all required learning and sat exams in London.

    How do you keep a brilliant ballerina on track with their academic studies when you are 10,000 miles away? We introduced tutors to work with a London GCSE student, who was studying at one of Russia’s leading ballet schools. Twice weekly Skype supervisions and daily online tuition provided an effective replacement for lessons at the boy’s public school. His parents could get on with their own lives, safe in the knowledge that their son was following his dreams – and completing his GCSE’s.

    We also work with one of the Russia’s leading Educational Consultants, Irina Shumovitch, to introduce tutors to her international clients. Irina is the first port of call for any Russian families needing a tutor in London or Russia. Invaluable in helping us communicate effectively with our Russian clients.

    Read more about Irina Shumovitch.

  • Case Study


    11 yr old boy, Language processing disorder, Eton preparation


    Introduced a specialist SpLD tutor for one year and boy passed Eton pre-test.

    Our clients had an 11-year-old son who was struggling to keep up at the International School in Almaty. ISEB 13+ papers were like a foreign language to him. His parent’s wish was for him to go to Eton but he had been seeing a Speech and Language Therapist in London and needed extensive support to be brought up to speed for the exam.

    We introduced a tutor who worked closely with the S&L Therapist and then lived with the family in Almaty for 16 months. Alongside continued SEN support and increased input from his school in Almaty, the boy is averaging 70% on CE and has passed his Eton pre-tests.

    See our Kazakhstan Tutors page.

  • Case Study


    Boy, 12 yrs, gifted and talented, required linguistic support


    Successfully introduced a young tutor who took the boy though his GCSE exams.

    Occasionally, our clients ask us for one thing when what they really need is something slightly different. We were asked to introduce a tutor for two boys both of whom were incredibly bright. The youngest was 12 yrs old and spoke five languages; his parents wanted to make sure that he stayed ahead of the curve.

    Initially, they insisted that we introduce a qualified teacher and pushed very hard for this. We had several but suspected from experience that a younger tutor would be a better match. After reviewing profiles and speaking to several tutors, the parents trusted our advice and were delighted with the results.

  • Case Study


    Girl, 17 yrs old, international sportswoman but struggling with IB’s. Did not like teachers!


    Very driven tutor successfully motivated student to get a 6 in IB Biology.

    The match between tutor and child is always key to the success of any tuition programme. Our client was a successful international show jumper – used to winning. However, many years on the circuit had resulted in missed weeks and months from school and the student had fallen behind; she was seriously demotivated about her impending IB exams.

    She needed a no-nonsense and equally successful tutor to inspire her. We introduced Saskia, a highflying medical student. The two girls – only a few years apart in age – got on famously and the confidence building worked brilliantly. The student was delighted with her 6 in IB Biology.

  • Case Study


    Boy, 13, CE preparation for boy who, ‘hated schoolwork’


    We introduced a, ‘cool’ tutor who was able to inspire the boy to focus on work and pass his CE with flying colours.

    Residential tutors have to be able to, ‘muck in’ with family life. We were asked to introduce a CE 13+ specialist to help a boy in Scotland prepare for Eton. The tutor had to be, ‘down to earth’ and able to enjoy the family’s rural life style. The tutor’s challenge was to get a country loving, horse-mad 12 year old to develop any academic interest whatsoever.

    The tutor employed every trick in his book to build motivation; it helped that he was quite a good rider. Along they way they discovered that the boy had dyslexia and implemented strategies to help with this. The tutor stayed in a barn on the family farm for several holidays over the course of a year and the boy was accepted to Eton.

  • Case Study


    Boy, 12 years old, dispraxia


    The boy averaged 80% in his Common Entrance and secured a place in one of England’s leading Senior Schools.

    If a child is struggling at school, sometimes the quickest way to get them moving forward is actually to hold them back a bit. Bring them down to a level they feel they really know and they’ll race forward faster than you could possibly imagine. It’s what happened recently with a 12-year-old Swedish boy who was preparing for Common Entrance. He was attending a leading prep school in London but his grades had fallen steadily over a two-year period, and he was averaging 30% in his CE mocks.

    The specialist CE tutor we introduced quickly identified a processing problem, which was then diagnosed as Dyspraxia. The boy had developed such a good coping mechanism no one had noticed, but it had completely undermined his confidence. With the help of his school, the boy was moved down two sets and his tuition stepped up. Once he’d found solid foundations, his learning increased hugely.

  • Case Study


    Sisters, aged 14 and 15 yrs


    Introduced two specialist tutors to live with the girls. Over 12 months, both girls’ academics improved by an average of 5 grades.

    Sometimes it can take a long time for a child to trust any tutor, no matter how good they are. We’ve recently been working with a client in Monaco, whose two girls were struggling at their international school in Monaco. He had the foresight to realise that this wasn’t a quick fix. Instead we introduced two tutors who lived full-time with the family on board their yacht in Monaco for 12 months.

    Over that time the tutors slowly but surely gained the girls’ trust. They then helped the girls work through several challenges, including intense dyslexia and dyscalculia, and the ensuing confidence problems. The result? A grades in their GCSEs, bolstered confidence and a fantastic tutor-child relationship.

  • Case Study

    Colorado, USA

    Brothers, 10 and 12 yrs


    We introduced a tutor to travel with the family. Potential learning loss was turned around and boys scored highly in CE on their return to the UK.

    Our clients had planned the holiday of a lifetime; to travel the world with their children, exploring foreign cultures and exotic landscapes. They called us because both boys had entrance exams coming up when they returned to London and they were concerned about jeopardizing their chances. We introduced a tutor who would travel with the family and be tasked with keeping the balance between holiday, adventure and committed learning.

    The tutor kept the children motivated by relating the places they visited to the subjects they were learning. By combining accelerated one to one learning with targeted preparation for the Common Entrance exams, the children arrived back in the UK a year ahead of their peers and passed their entrance exams with flying colours.

  • Case Study


    Several children needed GCSE tutors


    Over 12 months, we introduced 15 different tutors to help with various subjects. A complex assignment that resulted in A*’s for all children.

    An Irish family engaged us to introduce tutors for a range of GCSE subjects for several children. The challenge for us was not so much to introduce a fantastic tutor for each subject, but rather to do so at very short notice – often less than 24 hours. Interestingly, the family had initially thought they would split tuition between their homes in Ireland and London,

    but as is often the case, they realised that tuition was much more effective at home, where the boys were relaxed. It’s always better to let the tutor take the strain of weekly commuting!

  • Case Study


    8 and 11 year old brothers


    We introduced a tutor to provide a bespoke education that better suited the boys’ academic needs and their parents’ international lifestyle. The tutor is implementing a full time homeschool programme which will follow, and indeed stay ahead of, the British National Curriculum. They will be brought up to speed for a transfer to another, more competitive school in the UK.

    The search for a tutor is often confounded by local laws and customs. Our clients in Dubai interviewed several excellent tutors for a yearlong position, but none were willing to accept Dubai’s strict laws on co-habitation. Our client also required someone who could relocate quickly and work with their children as they travelled through several different countries.

    We introduced a tutor who embraced this nomadic lifestyle and is currently working with the family to implement the children’s homeschool education.

  • Case Study


    Girl, 17 years old, lived in Delhi


    After 16 months of tuition from specialist online tutors (who we sourced in Cornwall and South Africa), the girl achieved an IB score of 40.

    Some children really benefit from the pastoral side of tuition. On the other hand, some just need to be inspired by the best minds available in any particular subject – no matter where those specialists are in the world. This is exactly the case for a very clever Indian girl studying at Westminster who we’ve helped over the years. We introduced her to a tutor who worked with her at her home in Knightsbridge, then remotely with her when the family returned to their main residence in Delhi.

    On top of that, we also matched her to two of the very top specialist IB tutors for her subjects, one of whom happened to live in Cornwall, the other in Africa. It didn’t matter – their online tuition continued for a period of 16 months, and she achieved an IB score of 40.

Residential & homeschool tutors

Full-time international tutors provide a high quality, all-round education that can be focused on your child’s specific interests and needs. Families chose to use full-time tutors for a variety of reasons. Often they’re concerned about their local school’s standards, sometimes their child needs ongoing specialist support and increasingly parents are turning to “home schooling”. international private tutors are a breed apart from your regular private tutor; they have to be able to live and work with families all around the world. This requires a certain skill set and adaptability. We are experts at introducing the right private tutor for your child and for your family. You can read more about international private tutors for full-time support and home schooling here.

Online tutors

Online tuition provides a flexible means to learn from the very best UK tutors, wherever you are in the world. Online tuition enables a child living outside the UK to work with expert tutors without the cost or commitment of live-in tuition. The preferred platform is Skype with shared screen and whiteboard facilities. Tutors will teach your children how to set these up, although they probably already know, and adjust their teaching style to suit the online system. Some clients blend regular online tutoring with short periods of face-to-face tuition – either in the UK or your home country – to provide the best of both worlds. To read more about the pros and cons of online tuition click here.


Holiday tutors

School holidays can be important times to consolidate learning, particularly in the lead up to major exams like A Levels, International Baccalaureate, GCSEs, Common Entrance and 11+. We can introduce a holiday tutor, to provide expert tuition in your own home, as well as organise accommodation and a full programme of study in London. For families choosing to holiday in London, we can also arrange one-to-one English language tuition for times that suit your schedule. If you are travelling away from home during the holiday period, the tutor can accompany you.


Travel tutors

Planning an extended break to various locations? We can introduce you to a private tutor who will travel with you. If your child is traveling during term time – be this for a sporting engagement, acting assignment or the holiday of a lifetime – a travel tutor can provide academic continuity. Travel tutors work closely with a child’s school to ensure academic continuity. They also build on local history, geography and culture to enhance the child’s learning experience.


University fast-track

Fast-track mentors support students in settling into and getting the most out of their UK university experience. University is often a young person’s first real experience of independence. Even if he/she has spent years at a British boarding school or studied overseas, starting at a UK university is always a major change. It is also an increasingly important gateway to the world of work. Our university fast-track mentor visits your family home before university and then regularly meets your child during their studies. Your child is supported in settling in quickly, getting the most out of the university experience and preparing for a first job after graduation.


Boarding school plus

Boarding school plus mentors help your child through the cultural, academic and linguistic challenges of their move to the UK. Starting at boarding school is a major transition in any child’s life that parents, guardians and schools are all highly aware of. However – just like one-to-one tutoring – the one-to-one focus of a mentor can transform a child’s self-confidence and experience starting at and throughout school. A “boarding school plus” mentor will visit your family home for a week or two before school and then regularly meet your child during their studies. He/she can help them prepare ahead of time, settle in quickly and get the most out of their time at boarding school.


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