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Yacht Tutors

At Simply Learning Tuition, we ensure smooth sailing in your child’s education.  Under the guidance of a qualified Yacht Tutor, children can enjoy their unique surroundings on the ocean while benefiting from a personally tailored education. Our stress-free and seamless academic programmes are delivered by inspiring and passionate tutors who fit seamlessly into your family’s lifestyle. 

Tuition on the sea

For students who need to keep studying while enjoying the adventures afforded by a life on the ocean, SLT provides a bespoke private tuition programme that is perfectly designed to enrich your child’s learning. Inspired by the changing landscape as you explore the world by sea, your tutor’s lessons will often be centred around the history or culture of your destinations, bringing the learning to life. Whether you require a private tutor for short-term holiday tuition, or to live on board for an extended period of time, Simply Learning Tuition can provide you with a tutor who is the perfect fit for your child’s academic requirements. 

Why do parents choose SLT for Yacht Tutors?

Simply Learning Tuition has worked with dozens of families who charter yachts for holidays, or more specific adventures. We have also provided tuition for students who live permanently on yachts in Monaco and other ports. In each case we have successfully matched a tutor to fit seamlessly with each family’s dynamic lifestyles and their own distinct requirements.

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SLT has extensive experience working with families who charter yachts during holidays and Exeats. In one case, when time was limited, the tutor taught on board the family’s yacht and private jet, and stayed in their home in the UK. The student secured a place at Eton College and the tutor was asked back to accompany the family on several subsequent holidays.

Read a selection of our Case Studies 

Yacht Tutors Page

Clients based in Turkey required a private tutor to help their two young daughters (aged 6 and 8) with Maths and English. The tutor’s programme allowed the girls to learn through play whilst they were on holiday on the family yacht. This immersive role required the tutor to work with students for the majority of the day, and liaise closely with their nannies where appropriate to plan activities such as boat trips and treasure hunts.

"Our charter clients benefit tremendously from the support of a professional tutor on board. Personally, I have used SLT’s services for many years, and feel confident to recommend them to my clients."

Jamie Edmiston, CEO Edmiston Yachting

“I remember fondly my various experiences tutoring on board yachts – living in close quarters with the family, and being able to bring the learning to life as we sailed the high seas and docked in various exotic locations.”

Nathaniel McCullagh, Founder and Managing Director of SLT

SLT’s partnership with Edmiston

How can Simply Learning Tuition help?

Simply Learning Tuition provides tuition that brings support and excitement to learning, using teaching methods that are carefully adapted to your child. Tuition is delivered with flare, passion and outstanding intellectual rigour. You can rest assured that your child is learning in the way best suited to them, wherever they are. Lessons are tailored around your child’s routines and requirements, to ensure a stress-free and seamless academic programme.

We work with a core team of international private tutors who are highly experienced in tutoring on board yachts. Our team has a wealth of experience placing exactly the right tutor for any family. This experience is underpinned by our Founder and Managing Director, Nathaniel McCullagh, who worked as a private tutor (including yacht tuition) prior to his formation of Simply Learning Tuition in 2009. 

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