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Home Schooling Online 

Simply Learning Tuition can deliver inspiring online home schooling programmes for students living anywhere in the world. Our online home schooling programmes provide a continuity of one to one teaching, by home schooling tutors expertly matched to your child.

Unlike some other online home-schooling programmes that you may come across, our online programmes are personalised and effective. Children are not left to flounder in rigidity, or complete assignments with only remote guidance. They do not join chaotic online classrooms. Our programmes allow your child to create positive and productive relationships with each of their specialist tutors.

Every year we work with families who have been home schooling with existing programmes, who come to us for personalised guidance and expert tutors. In all cases families wish they’d found us sooner, as working with us from the start would have saved time, angst, and financial investment.

Online Home School Tutors

We place particular importance on introducing a tutor who will perfectly balance your child’s pastoral and academic needs. The tutor may need to be a specialist in a particular subject or curriculum, or have experience in supporting children with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or ADHD. You might prefer a tutor with a particular language or who enjoys certain sports or hobbies. Some families also see benefit in working with a tutor who is of a particular age range or nationality with religious or cultural values aligned to their own. At all times, the tutor’s focus will be on ensuring academic continuity for the student.

At SLT we have a group of specialist online tutors who provide home schooling to international families living outside the UK.

  • Anil


    Anil is an Oxford graduate who is highly multidisciplinary teaching a range of subjects including Maths, English, Music and Science.

  • Dween


    Dween is a multidisciplinary tutor and Entrance Examination specialist. Additionally, he has a wealth of SEN experience.

  • Grace


    Grace tutors History, English and Art for GCSE and A Level. She has extensive SEN and home schooling experience.

  • James D

    James D

    James specialises in Science tuition, along with Geography and Art. He has particular experience preparing students for 13+ exams.

  • Joana S

    Joana S

    Joana is a Science and Maths specialist, particularly specialising in Biology tuition and she has a large amount of experience with home schooling students.

  • Lucinda


    Lucinda is a French, Spanish and Italian specialist. She also teaches English up to GCSE level.

  • Natasha La F

    Natasha La F

    Natasha is a multidisciplinary tutor who specialises in Exam Preparation, English and Art. Additionally she tutors Maths, Chemistry and Classics.

  • Omari


    Omari is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, specialising particularly in English and Maths for Entrance Exams from 7+ to 13+.

  • Redha


    Redha has eight years of experience teaching in residential and home schooling roles in the UK and internationally.

  • Ritchard


    Ritchard is a highly experienced tutor who prepares students from 11+ to A-Levels and IB, in a range of subjects.

  • Xanthi


    Xanthi teaches Maths, English and Science, specialising in GCSE Maths and English. As a writer, she is well-equipped to teach essay writing and has proven success in this area at a wide range of levels. She also specialises in Philosophy at A Level and above.

The SLT Approach to Online Home Schooling

At SLT we work with families to create a home schooling programme that will deliver results. We follow a rigorous programme that is tailor made for your family.

1.     A thorough assessment of the student’s needs (including SEN) and their academic goals

2.     An understanding of the wider reasons for home schooling – for example, is your family travelling frequently and you are looking for continuity of education, or do you wish to follow a particular educational model, such as Montessori or Waldorf

3.     SLT will then introduce carefully matched tutors. It is really important that we introduce just the right match of tutor; one who has the following attributes:

i)    the commitment to your family

ii)  the ability to develop the student’s softer skills, such as resilience and creativity in addition to academic skills

iii)   full knowledge of any curricula and exam boards you may wish to follow

iv)   the ability to act as a natural mentor to the child to really help them engage with the subject matter and above all make home schooling fun!

4.     We then prepare a detailed ‘route to completion’ road map

5.     When home schooling has started, we have regular check-ins and termly reviews to ensure that all is working well.

How does home schooling online abroad work?

 International families living outside the UK can book home schooling quickly and easily.

  • We provide home school packages, or can create a bespoke programme for your family.
  • Tutors provide online teaching, which is suited to your time zone
  • They can also work at your home, or where you are travelling.
  • Tutors plan all parts of the curriculum, exam board, lesson structure timetables
  • We handle all parts of the exam registration process – in most cases students do not have to come to the UK to take exams.

Is an online tutor effective for travelling families?

For families who travel extensively, or have homes in different countries, continuity of high quality education can be a challenge. At SLT we were early adopters of online tuition, long before Covid; and we believe that online lessons can be highly effective. Provided these lessons are delivered by expert educators they can be as effective as in-person teaching.

For more than ten years, SLT has introduced tutors for expat and travelling families, In the pre-covid era these were usually in-person. With the advent of secure online platforms and improvements in online pedagogy, we now often recommend an online home school programme, or in some cases a hybrid online and in-person programme, for excellent results.

We are particularly keen on hybrid models, whereby students can be supported on the ground by generalist teachers, (be these parents or tutors). In other cases, home schooling with a team of online private tutors can provide a solution that delivers the very best learning programme to your child.

How does online home schooling work?

Online international tutors bring learning to life while travelling; using teaching methods that are personalised for your child. Tutors will tailor each lesson around your family’s lifestyle and use the local culture and resources to bring lessons to life. Learning online, with your child in the driving seat, is exciting, fresh and effective.

A typical enquiry might start, ‘Can you home school in Sweden’ or ‘is it possible to home school in Italy’. With online home schooling, we are pleased to say there are very few geographical limits.  We will always work with a family to first understand their learning goals, and the circumstances surrounding their wish to home school. The decision to work online, or in-person is often determined by the child’s specific needs – in some cases online tuition may not work as well as having an in-person tutor.

What are the options to receive a UK school degree abroad?

It is easy to obtain a UK school qualification, such as GCSE or A-Level when living abroad.

There are three main ways do this:

  1. Work with an education company such as Simply Learning Tuition to engage private tutors to manage the entire process, with online or live in tutoring
  2. Sign up for a correspondence course – where you can buy course handbooks and sign up for exam registration. These courses offer limited support compared to a dedicated online tutor.
  3. Attend a local international school
  4. Contact the UK exam boards directly and order past papers and mark schemes. Source all the teaching materials you need and enter the exams privately.

Are there countries where home schooling is illegal?

There are several countries where it is not possible to take your child out of full-time mainstream school. These include Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, Russia and Turkey and many others. In these cases, home schooling can still take place on a part-time basis, allowing students to:

  • Focus on improving results in subjects taught atschool
  • Select additional subjects
  • Be entered for additional exams privately

International Tutors for in-person home schooling

For families who live or are travelling outside of the UK, we introduce residential specialist tutors, on a full time basis. These ‘international tutors’ are a breed apart from regular private tutors: having the unique ability to deliver an effective and inspiring education to children outside the confines of a regular classroom. An international tutor introduced by Simply Learning Tuition will increase your child’s knowledge and build their confidence in ways that are often transformative.

Tutors can provide a range of services from a few hours a day of after-school tutoring, to full-time home schooling, or preparation for entrance to a UK school or university. In some cases, tutors work with young sports stars, actors or musicians whose work schedule makes it impossible for them to attend regular school. Parents also engage a professional tutor because they are concerned about the quality of their local school, or its ability to cater for their child’s specific needs.

  • What is SLT's approach to placing international tutors?

    After listening carefully to your requirements, we will help you choose the solution that best fits your particular circumstances. In some cases, this is a full-time tutor; in others a holiday or online tutor may be all that is needed. Consultations are held in whatever way is most convenient for you. Timeframes for a placement depend on your requirements but can be as short as 48 hours.

    We source tutors from our international pool. This is a small number of full-time tutors who work wherever in the world they are needed. Over several placements for each tutor, we have come to really understand how these talented individuals work and what type of students and families each is best suited to. When we need to recruit more widely, we apply the same care and experience to our vetting process to ensure that your family is introduced to a tutor who is the perfect match.

    After your tutor starts work we do not manage the relationship between tutor, student and family. We find that this tends to undermine the process and instead, we focus on getting the introduction absolutely right at the beginning. At all times, you can be reassured that you are working with a professional who you can trust with your child’s education.

    Many families choose to pay for additional guidance from our education consultants, who can provide separate advice on assessments, entrance to a British school or university (we also offer guidance for UK, US and European institutions).

  • Can I home school my child abroad?

    Yes absolutely. SLT’s UK based online tutors regularly provide home schooling to local and expat families living in Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and many other countries. Even in countries where school attendance is mandatory, tutors can support students in addition to their time at school.

  • How do I home school my kids while traveling?

    Travelling provides a great learning opportunity because of the ever changing landscaped that a nomadic lifestyle brings. The UK curriculum can be studied and examined abroad, as far afield as Macedonia and Kazakhstan. You can use private tutors, or do the teaching yourself.

  • Can I do online school in a different country?

    Almost all online learning can be conducted globally. There are some exceptions in countries like China where internet firewalls make communication more challenging – in these cases a residential tutor is more effective. Time zones can be a challenge; at SLT we manage this by working with tutors who are based in a country on a complimentary time zone.

  • Can you take your children out of school to go travelling?

    This depends where you live. In some countries taking your child out of school for any reason is illegal. These include Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, Russia and Turkey and there are many others.

  • Are there countries where online home schooling is illegal

    It is illegal to home school your child in several countries but you may still be able to use online tutoring to support your child’s mainstream education.

  • How much does a full-time international tutor cost?

    Tutor fees range from £80,000 to £150,000 per annum (pro-rated for shorter assignments). Our fee is charged as a percentage of the tutor’s salary and is reduced for every additional year of the placement with the same tutor. Our initial consultation with you is detailed and free of charge. If after this you wish to proceed, we take a small retainer fee, which is refundable if you choose not to work with one of the tutors we present. If we are able to introduce a tutor from our pool, there are no further costs. If we need to extend our search we charge an additional fee.

    Factors that influence the fee charged by a full time tutor include: the complexity of the role, the tutor’s experience and qualifications, your location(s) and how quickly you need the tutor to start work.

    Read Our Case Studies

SLT has provided international tuition to students in over 40 countries. You can read a selection of case studies here.

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  • "I was so pleased with every aspect of this process, from my very first time speaking with you, through to Eleanor’s final departure. I would highly recommend Simply Learning Tuition highly to anyone looking for extra help, whether part-time or full-time live-in like Eleanor. Thank you for everything!!"

    Mrs D, Austin, Texas, International Travelling Tutor

  • "Thanks to Andrea’s tutoring of our daughter – she received news this morning that she has been accepted into Surbiton High, her no.1 choice of school. This wouldn’t have been possible without Andrea’s assistance. Thanks again for connecting us."

    Mr C, LA & London, International, in person & online tuition

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