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The Cost of Home Schooling Programmes

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At SLT we believe that the needs of every home schooled child are different. For that reason we do not sell off the shelf packages for home school students.

Please do get in touch to discuss your particular requirements so that we can advise on the likely costs and options.

To learn more about home schooling with SLT, please visit our main home schooling page.

Indicative Home Schooling Fees

Over the years, we have created bespoke home school programmes for students with a range of needs:

  • Some are preparing for a school entrance exam, or GCSE or A Level exams, while travelling, or working away from school, as an athlete, or film actor, for example.
  • For others, a more complex behavioural problem, or SEN such as acute dyslexia, or Asperger’s syndrome might mean that they need consistent help to access the curriculum.
  • Others will benefit from a short period of home schooling to facilitate a catch up to the level of their peers.

Our Home Schooling tuition starts at £80 per hour and goes up to £120 per hour.  Each programme is delivered by professional tutors who can work with children of all abilities (including those with SEN) at every subject and level.

How expensive is home schooling?

Home Schooling costs are based on the number of hours of tuition, the number of exams being entered (if any) and the level of additional support required. We hope the indicative fees below are helpful in giving an idea of the range of costs.

Suitable ForCost per term (from)
Home School ManagementParents who wish to teach their children themselves, or source their own private tutors.£1,000
Part-Time Home SchoolingChildren who are attending school part-time, or who need additional support in a small number of subjects.£3,000
Full-Time Home SchoolingUp to 5 subjects each week£19,000
Full-Time, Home Schooling, Fully ImmersiveAcademic support for all subjects, dedicated education consultant to work on school reintegration, access to Educational Psychologists and co-curricular activities.£40,000

We recommend  an all inclusive programme, where exam entrance, monitoring and effective reporting are all included. Tutors can work online, in person and live in and will become trusted mentors.

The fees above are indicative of the costs of home schooling. Additional charges apply for:

  • Hours billed in addition to those booked
  • All expenses incurred in activities and visits
  • Exam entrance fees
  • Additional learning resources required in addition to the tutors’ own resources

Can you get funding for home schooling in the UK?

It is possible to get funding from your Local Education Authority if your child has an acute need and an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). SLT can advise on the process to follow for this and can help to support your application for funding. If your child does not have an acute need, there is sadly, very little financial support to help pay for home schooling. Additional costs including excursions to swimming pools and sports centres will significantly add to the cost.

How much is international home schooling?

Expat families living outside the UK can also benefit from home schooling with the very best UK tutors. Lessons can be delivered online or, the tutor can live with your family. Provided the correct exam board is followed (one with no requirement for assessment of practical work), students can now learn globally. Prices are the same for expat families who live internationally. The only additional costs will come in if you decide to have the tutor live with you.

If you would like to see how Home Schooling with SLT could benefit your child please get in touch. Our experienced team will help you take the bumps in the road in your stride, reducing anxiety and ensuring the best possible outcome.

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