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As home schooling becomes more popular, demand for live-in tutors rises. Simply Learning Tuition’s thorough, effective and guaranteed personal recruitment service allows us to introduce professional tutors to families all over the world. If you would like to call our home schooling consultant for an informal chat to discuss your requirements please contact us.

A Typical Day with a Live-in Tutor

Meet Cleo, an international tutor, and Rosie, her eight year old student. In Rosie’s home, you’ll find a typical school classroom. The room is packed with books, adorned with artwork and designed to make learning fun. A typical day will proceed like this:

8amCheck-InRosie’s day begins with Cleo outlining the day’s activities. Unlike a mainstream school, today’s lessons are designed around Rosie’s interests and preferred learning style.
8.00 - 10.30 amMorning LessonsCleo asks Rosie to bring her seashell collection. The two organise the shells by size, weight and colour as Rosie learns how to estimate, measure and document information.
 Morning Break 
10.50 - 12.30 amMorning LessonsOn the veranda, Rosie is introduced to a pile of books. After discussing the ways authors approach introduction, Rosie is tasked with writing the introduction to her own novel – “The Magical Seashells.”
1.30 - 4.30 pmAfternoon LessonsThe afternoon will include a brisk walk to the local marina to work on fully contextualised French amongst 'les grands et petits bateaux'. Afterwards, a weights and measures practical will result in a freshly baked cake.

In one day, Cleo has covered Maths, Science, English, Art, and French. But if you asked her, she’d tell you that she spent the day playing with shells, looking at boats and making a cake.

This is learning that makes an impact.

Why Use a Full Time Private Tutor?

Having a tutor that lives in or near your home offers parents a number of benefits and addresses many of your individual concerns.

It may be that you:

  • have decided to home school your child and need an expert tutor in their subject
  • need specialist support for a child with mild to acute learning requirements which cannot be adequately managed in a traditional school environment
  • live outside the UK and would like your son or daughter to improve fluency in English whilst learning a specific subject or preparing for entrance to a UK school
  • have a globally mobile lifestyle and want to ensure that your child is following a particular syllabus or curriculum
  • have a child sitting a GCSE or A Level exam and would like to make the most of their holidays by setting time aside for structured revision

Whatever the reason for your choice, a residential tutor introduced by SLT will increase knowledge, build confidence, and fast track learning by understanding your son or daughter, their personalities and how they learn best. Additionally, submerging them in the subject matter gives a more in-depth and rounded understanding.

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