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There are many reasons why parents choose to home school their children. Often families are relocating and may be between schools. For others, children need to catch up after a period of illness, or require a specialist education. No matter why you’ve chosen to teach your child at home, the good news is that a period of professionally delivered home schooling will result in fantastic progression, both academically and in a child’s happiness and mental health.

Home school tutors provide as much or as little support as you require – either helping parents for a few hours each week, or delivering a complete programme. In the latter case, tutors will take care of all the details, including timetabling, booking exam centres and organising exciting trips to help bring the learning to life.

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What are the benefits of Home Schooling?

Home schooling offers a huge number of benefits to both parents and their children. Lessons are always delivered at a pace that your child is comfortable with and in many cases, transform your child’s life.  Teaching methods can be adjusted to suit your child’s learning style. The one to one focus quickly builds confidence, in turn delivering improvements in results and thus creating a virtual circle of improvement.

Many of the home schooling families we work with say that their children benefit tremendously from the relaxed nature of being taught at home, without the anxiety of school or the pressure to study a curriculum that they may not be able to access effectively without additional support.

Home schooling allows for an intensive, highly focused approach which can be useful when time is limited, for example when preparing for retake examinations.

How does Home Schooling work?

Home school tutors introduced by Simply Learning Tuition take responsibility for each part of your child’s education. From day-to-day learning plans to historical and cultural trips and sports activities, tutors create a professional and focussed teaching environment that keeps learning fresh and engaging. Their passion and enthusiasm underpinned with academic excellence, previous experience and long-term commitment allows tutors to empower your child, helping them to grow in confidence and flourish.

The home school tutors we introduce will not only match your child’s educational needs and personality, but will also blend in seamlessly with your family’s lifestyle. If your child is a budding young athlete or an aspiring musician, tutors can work around their schedules. We can introduce music teachers, art tutors or sports coaches who will work closely with your child to help develop their passions and find suitable classes and clubs in your local area. These are an important part of your son or daughter’s social and emotional development.


How long should I Home School for?

Every family’s needs are different; from just a few hours a week to full-time tutoring. If additional support is required, we can also recommend and introduce educational psychologists and speech and language therapists or other therapists. When the time comes to re-integrate your child into the school system, our education consultants can help to organise this.

Home Schooling Tutors for International Families

For families living outside the UK, international home school tutors can ensure academic continuity for your child if your circumstances require your family to travel frequently. If you are moving to the UK, tutors can also help prepare your child for British independent school entrance examinations and English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

The decision to home school your child is complex. As experts in home schooling and all that it entails, we have successfully introduced home school tutors to children of all ages since 2009. Please feel free to contact us for a relaxed and impartial conversation.

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