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Bespoke Home Schooling Programmes for a Tailored Education

There are many reasons that London and international parents choose to home school their children. Some children require a specialist education, while others face circumstances that prevent them from attending a regular school.

No matter why you’ve chosen to teach your child at home, Simply Learning Tuition will help you.


London home schooling

We have successfully introduced specialist home schooling tutors to families across London. They will work with you to create an individual learning plan that will enrich your child’s academic and extra-curricular life. From day-to-day learning to educational visits, expert tutors will plan and taken care of everything.

We can also recommend educational psychologists and learning difficulty specialists to support the home schooling programme. When the time is right, our consultants can help organise re-entry to the school system or provide help and guidance on alternatives.


International home schooling

Just like regular home schooling, International home schooling requires tutors who can provide a long-term commitment and a blend of expertise and enthusiasm. By carefully vetting tutors and recommending the person who best fits your requirements, we ensure that your child will be taught by a dynamic, flexible and trustworthy tutor, who you will be happy to welcome into your family.

As with all the tutors we place, the international home schooling tutor will be personally guaranteed. After the introduction, our consultants will remain in close contact with you to provide extra advice and peace of mind.

International home school tutors often help with preparation for UK school entry tests, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or more specialist help with a learning difficulty.

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