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Every year we help students from all over the world secure a place at Oxford, Cambridge, and other leading British and European universities. University admission is highly competitive and outstanding grades are just part of the selection criteria. Engaging the support and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable university consultant can make all the difference to your chances of a successful application. We take the time to discuss and understand your child’s academic and career aspirations and help them decide what degree would be best for them. We can provide insights into what your child can expect from different universities (and colleges within those universities), the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a specific course or college and how best to ensure your child is successful in securing a place. We assist with UCAS personal statements to make sure they are exemplary and provide introductions to specialist tutors to help prepare your child for admission exams and interviews.

If your child is applying through Clearing or Adjustment, the key to success is to get fast, reliable information and to apply it effectively. Our consultants are able to help your son or daughter make the most of their results, whether better or worse than expected. They can provide information about specific universities that might not have been considered first time around and help optimise your son or daughter’s chances of securing a place at a great university. Once at university, tutors and mentors are also available to help your child get the most out of their time there.

If your child is still at a relatively early stage in their academic career, Simply Learning Tuition offers parents a bespoke pre-planning service which lays the ground work for when they apply to university and sets them on a trajectory that ensures the best possible chance of admission.

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