Rosamund Lewellyn, Tuition Co-Ordinator, Simply Learning Tuition

Rosamund Llewelyn

Head of Tutor Relations

Rosamund graduated with a History degree from the University of Nottingham in 2016. In her job as Head of Tutor Relations she is the first point of contact for tutors. She also supports our Tuition Consultants in finding and introducing the best tutors for our clients. Rosamund believes passionately that tutors are pivotal when ensuring that all students receive the support they need in order to achieve their individual goals and that they are often just as valuable as a personal support and mentor, as they are for academics. This comes from the regular help she received from her parents and teachers throughout her academic career which she understands isn’t possible for all students but that she is adamant ensured she reached her goals. In her spare time, Rosamund is a competitive dressage rider, and still enjoys escaping London to train when she can.

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