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With their worldwide reputation for academic excellence, Oxford and Cambridge are generally considered to be the most challenging universities in the UK in which to secure a place. To ensure your child has the best possible chance of success, our highly experienced education consultants offer tailored support through every part of the application process.

We begin by sharing all the relevant information you need to be able to make an informed decision about which college will suit your child best and correspond with their values, personality and academic goals. We then introduce tutors to help your child with specific Oxford and Cambridge entrance tests, including the TSA, LNAT, BMAT and CAT. Tutors also assist them in producing an exemplary personal statement and preparing them for the infamous Oxbridge interviews and assessments. All the tutors we introduce are Oxbridge educated and many have themselves been on the interviewing panel. This gives your child an unparalleled insight in to how best to approach this process and arms them with the tools and confidence to achieve success.

If your child is applying to Oxbridge and needs additional support, please call our Oxbridge admissions consultants on +44 (0)2073501981.

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If you child requires support with their Oxbridge application, please call one of our education consultants today.

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Relocate Awards Winner 2019

We were delighted to win the Relocate Global award for, ‘Excellence in  Education Consultancy 2019‘. In the words of the judges:

“This firm clearly brings a caring and compassionate perspective to its services, but combines this with technological efficiency and excellent people management practices – a very buttoned-down intelligent group of people with a bigger-picture awareness.”

  • My more vehemently feminist-leaning friends keep telling me that, as a young woman, I should learn to take full credit for my successes. In this case, however, I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t acknowledge what a huge part Simply Learning, and more specifically, you, Omari, Tadhgh and Ellie, played in getting me to where I am! I cannot express over email quite how grateful I am, but suffice to say that you guys went above and beyond what an average tutoring agency would ever do, in terms of education and emotional support! My one-on-one sessions with you to tweak my personal statement and the many hours that the tutors put in to perfecting my interview technique and improving my very sub-par maths skills made the world of difference. I am sure of it. Please please do let me know if you would ever like me to talk about my experience to a prospective customer, or more importantly to any student who is in the same position that I was in a year ago. I would be delighted to share any insights or wisdom that that this year has given me.

    Anyway, a huge, huge thank you to you and your team. You guys are simply fantastic.

    Miss T, South Kensington, Oxbridge Entry

  • "Miles helped me with every step of the Oxford application process - his comments made my personal statement, in particular much stronger. I was so happy to tell him that I had been offered a place!"

    JF, Oxford Placement

  • "My application to Oxford was quite a daunting prospect but it is now the proudest achievement of my life. Thank you for all the help"

    Milly, Oxford Placement

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