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Careers Advice

Our unique, comprehensive Careers Advice service shares our huge bank of life mentors, career opportunities, people networks, specialist academic insights and more with you and your child . Whether you need advice during the early years of your child’s education, helping them develop their interests, choosing the right university, or deciding what to do after a degree, we are here to help. We have strong connections in many professional fields and expert consultants to advise you on any step of your journey.

If your child needs careers advice, please call one of our consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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Relocate Awards Winner 2019

We were delighted to win the Relocate Global award for, ‘Excellence in  Education Consultancy 2019’. In the words of the judges:

“This firm clearly brings a caring and compassionate perspective to its services, but combines this with technological efficiency and excellent people management practices – a very buttoned-down intelligent group of people with a bigger-picture awareness.”

The University Transition

Whether your child is thinking of applying to Oxbridge, an Ivy League college or a specialist drama school, we can introduce you to tutors who have recently been to those universities so that they can give their first hand experiences of their own courses and university life. As well as helping with applications, exams and interviews, a mentor who has been to that university will help them to handle the transition from home or boarding school. Insider tips, such as the best societies to join or the best halls of residence to live in, will help them to settle in quickly.

Careers and Networks

Preparing to leave the school system can be a time of great uncertainty. As part of our Passport for Life service we will share our network: if a student doesn’t know what they want to do as a career but they’d like to talk to a surgeon, banker or vet we can find someone. If your child wants to spend time on a film set or see what it’s like to work as an analyst, we can give them these introductions. We also regularly attend global forums to pick out the most up-to-date thoughts about the jobs of tomorrow and how to prepare your child for them.

School Alumni Mentoring

What if you’ve decided on the school you want but your child is lacking in confidence about their next step? Our Passport for Life service can help. If they need support and advice, we will be able to introduce them to a mentor; someone who has been to that school and is a member of its social networks. For example, if your child has just been accepted to Radley then they might want to speak to someone who’s been in their social (boarding house), helping them to settle in quickly.

Annual Review

We can actively manage the strategy for your child’s education, providing an annual overview of their progress both inside and outside of the classroom. During the review, we will set goals that can be broken down into manageable steps, creating a long-term vision that looks beyond current hurdles to forge a path to your child’s chosen career. When appropriate, we will introduce you to expert mentors and consultants who will help your child to explore their opportunities.

Advice For Parents

Browse our advice guide for parents, covering a wide variety of topics – from how to accelerate your child’s learning over summer to essential homework tips.