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What is more important; the right course or the right university? Unless you are focused on a particular vocation the chances are you will be thinking about one or more Russell Group universities; possibly with Oxford and Cambridge at the top of the list. So what’s your strategy? What are you doing now to prepare? Have you realistically got what they want? When you look beyond the glossy prospectus, have they actually got what you need? What if your grades aren’t as expected?

We can provide no-nonsense advice and introduce you to tutors with first hand admissions experience of the UK’s leading universities; tutors who have been to those universities themselves. Students coming from outside the UK might find our University Fast Track programme to be helpful.

SLT TV offers bitesize tips for your applications:

Oxbridge Entrance Advice

Applying to read English at Oxford

Choosing an Oxford College

UCAS Advice

Initial consultation and strategy

This is where we really get to know what you want to do with your life. We discuss your career aspirations and advise on what would be the best degree for you to study – the answer isn’t always obvious. What about after university? Do you want to do a post grad? What do employers look for in a degree? What about internships and international placements? Should you be studying overseas?

UCAS preparation

Competition for places is fierce and brilliant grades aren’t always enough. There is a game to be played and UCAS tutors can discuss strategies, from choosing the right combinations of courses, to planning the best possible visit and interview. They will be talking from first hand experience; wherever possible we will introduce tutors who have been to the universities you are applying to.

UCAS clearing

Got a place through clearing but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Tutors are there every step of the way to help deal with the results. They can give you information about specific universities that you might not have visited first time around, or help optimising your chances if you did better or worse than expected. The key to success in clearing is to get fast, reliable information and to apply it effectively.

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Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) Applications

These are the UK’s most challenging universities to enter; not just because they are academically superior (indeed, for many disciplines they are outranked by other universities) but because of their worldwide cachet. Our Oxbridge Admissions tutors are all Oxbridge graduates and can give first hand insight into how to effectively prepare for the interview and personal statement. They will also be able to answer any questions about choosing colleges and courses. Check out our Oxbridge Admissions tips on SLT TV.

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