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Some schools are less than perfect when it comes to helping your child complete their UCAS applications or offering university advice. In a class of 20 or 30 it can be very difficult to focus on the needs of each student. As a result, your child has a dramatically reduced chance of securing a place – regardless of their grades.

We consult on all parts of the UCAS procedure, from the initial choice of course and university to writing the best UCAS application and preparing for the interview. We can also draw on the experience of tutors who have graduated from specific universities (including Oxbridge) to answer questions about their experiences there. This is a valuable source of independent, unbiased, university advice that can make a great difference in the selection, application and if necessary, changing of your child’s university.

Clients have used our UCAS help to perfect their application, choose where to study and receive guidance through clearing, adjustment and UCAS extra.  As well as general UCAS help we also offer a specialist Oxford and Cambridge university advice service, which you can read about here.

If you would like to discuss your university application, please contact us.

UCAS Advice

Simply Learning Tuition provides a consultation service for both UK-based and international students. We are experts on the British higher education system, and have helped countless students gain entry to the right university for them.

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Simply Learning Tuition's consultancy service guides parents and students through the process of choosing and applying to university. Shortlisting the right institutions can be a daunting task - often students overlook universities which would be perfect fits for them.

We help you make an informed choice by matching your goals and academic achievements to the right course and university in the UK. Once you have chosen a university, we will guide you through the entire application process, from advising you on personal statements, to preparing you for interviews.

Choosing the right university

Universities spend millions of pounds each year on advertising themselves to potential students. We offer an honest perspective on whether or not your chosen institution is a good fit.

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We are experts on UK higher education institutions - the culture of university campuses, requirements needed to gain entry, career prospects, and much more. We work for students, not universities, so you can always trust the feedback and information we supply to be accurate and honest.

We also provide consultancy services for entrance to US colleges. Many UK-based families are unfamiliar with the process, so we offer advice and tuition for each step along the way. Our experts can guide you through anything from personal essays to interview preparation. You can read more about or US college consultancy service here.

Clearing Advice

Securing a place through clearing is time-sensitive and can even be complicated at times. We provide expert advice on navigating the entire system, from the moment your child receives their grades to when their place is confirmed at university.

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If your child does not meet their university offer, there are still plenty of options for them. Clearing allows students who have not met their offers to take advantage of available places at universities. In recent years, universities such as Durham and King's College London have had courses listed in Clearing.

The Telegraph newspaper publishes a full list of all UCAS ‘Clearing’ places on results day morning, which will be useful if your child has failed to reach their ‘firm’ and ‘insurance’ offers.


If your child's grades have exceeded their expectations and their university's offer, we provide advice on UCAS' Adjustment service to help them secure a place in a higher-tier university.

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If your son or daughter’s grades have exceeded their university’s offer, they still have an opportunity to secure a place at a superior university through UCAS ‘Adjustment’. After registering on the UCAS website, they will need to search individual university websites before contacting admissions offices, who will inform your child if there are any vacancies. If they receive an offer they would like to take, they can accept this over the phone; the university will update their UCAS account.

Once registered with ‘Adjustment’, you have 5 days to find a place, so there is no need to rush. Instead, sit down together and consider options, perhaps ranking potential universities before contacting them. An educational consultant, if required, could help you make these decisions, offering information on university quality and prestige. You may wish to speak to a friend’s child who has been to that university.

  • Anna's input into my son's university application was absolutely superb. She made him do all the work, but gave him an excellent framework and fantastic feedback. Anna also spent several sessions working on his essay technique prior to taking up his university course. She is passionate about...

    Mrs Paige, University Appliction and Course Preparation

  • Simply Learning have been excellent, they were helpful, interested, efficient and quick to try and find the best tutoring match for my son. Thank you for your help and please give my regards to everyone at the office - they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.

    Mrs Paige, A Level Tuition and University Application Preparation

  • Kit really helped me with my undergraduate dissertation. From feeling totally lost after only five sessions I had a really interesting topic and a plan of how to research and write it.

    Mr. J, Oxford University student

  • Kit’s tutorials not only inspired me to write my undergraduate thesis on Margaret Thatcher, but also prepared me to tackle wider problems in history and contemporary politics.

    Mr. Z, Oxford University student

  • A trustworthy, personal and bespoke service which has suited our ethos and provided helpful support.

    Jacqueline Hampton Principal of Connaught House School London

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