Oxford and Cambridge Application FAQs:

What is the deadline for undergraduate applications to Oxford and Cambridge?

Unlike the rest of the UK universities (15 January), the deadline for Oxbridge undergraduate admissions is on 15 October at 6 pm each year. Please contact us to find out more about deadlines for your course.

What are the entry requirements for Oxford and Cambridge?

It really depends on the subject you apply for, however, conditional offers for Oxford undergraduate courses usually vary between A*A*A and AAA (A-level), or the equivalent of minimum 38-40 IB points. Some grades might be expected at a higher level. For Cambridge the offer is the same (2 A* and an A) for sciences, A*AA for arts, and 40-41 IB points. Please contact us if you would like more specific advice on grading.

What if the English is not my first language?

Both Oxford and Cambridge expect their students to have an excellent level of English. Non-natives might be expected to prove their language level if their language of instruction was not English.

What are the entry tests for Oxford and Cambridge that I need to sit?

Many departments run a rigid pre-screening of the undergraduate applicants before they invite them for the interview. We can advise you to how to prepare for these tests.

Can I apply for both Oxford and Cambridge at the same time?

No, it is not possible to apply for both universities in the same admissions year. The decision whether to apply for Oxford or Cambridge remains very personal one as both institutions hold equal reputation of academic excellence.

What is the cost of undergraduate degree at Oxford and Cambridge?

For a Home (UK) or EU students the tuition fee in 2016 at both universities is £9,000. You can access the government loan for the full amount so you do not need to pay any fees in advance.

If you are an international student (‘Overseas’ or ‘Islands’ status) you are not eligible for the government loan. At Oxford your tuition would vary from £15,295 to £22,515 . At Cambridge the tuition cost depends on the taught subject and varies between £16,608 up to £40,200 for the academic year 2016/7.

Please note that students may have different fee arrangements for medical/veterinary courses.

How ‘international’ are Oxford and Cambridge?

One third of Oxford students (including 17% of undergraduates) are from overseas. They represent 138 countries of the world.

More than 11% of Cambridge undergraduates are international citizens (this excludes the EU) from 65 countries.

How will Brexit affect tuition fees at Oxbridge?

So far there has been no change of tuition fees for undergraduate courses for the academic year 2016/7. But neither Oxford nor Cambridge has denied that there might be an increase of fees in the future. Tuition fees for 2017/8 courses have not yet been announced. Please check university websites for more information.

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