A mentor helps students overcome their fears and growing pains and
points them in a new direction

Students today are under intense pressure from parts of society to be a ‘perfected version’, and this can sometimes lead to problems.

Stressed and unhappy students may resort to destructive behaviour that harms them and the people who love them. At worst, it can lead to running away, bullying or something more damaging.

Mentoring is provided by a small number of particularly mature and experienced senior tutors working closely with your child’s teachers, child psychologists, therapists and doctors.

The mentor builds trust with the student so that a confident and secure relationship can develop. They create a healthy schedule including exercise, sufficient sleep and tailored academic and personal development goals.

As the student gains the confidence to take responsibility for themselves they become increasingly independent and the relationship with their mentor will come to a natural end. Success is often marked by a return to school, or taking on an A-Level or degree course – returning to the original plan that seemed impossible before the mentor’s intervention.

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