Streamlining the University Application and Entrance Process

Choosing the best University and navigating the UCAS or Oxbridge application process can be a challenge, especially at a time when students are contending with A-Levels. Simply Learning Tuition aims to simplify the process.


Choosing the Right Institution

Universities spend millions of pounds each year on advertising themselves to potential students. We offer an honest perspective on whether or not your chosen institution is a good fit.

Drawing upon our first-hand knowledge of leading Universities, SLT will provide you with unbiased experience to help you make the right choice:

  • The University Culture: What is life on and around campus like?
  • Applications Process: What interviews, grades and university specific exams will be required?
  • Career Prospects: Will a qualification from this institution lead to employment?

We work on behalf of students, not Universities, so you can always trust the feedback we provide


University Consultation

SLT aims to guide parents and students through the process of choosing a university. Choosing a shortlist of institutions can be a daunting task, and often a student will overlook an application to a university which would be a perfect fit.

By matching your goals and requirements to the courses and culture of various universities throughout the UK, we will help you to make an informed choice. After your choice has been made, we will guide you through the whole application process, assisting you with personal statements and preparing you for any interviews.

SLT’s university consultation service is widely used by both UK-based and overseas families. Because we are familiar with the whole of the British higher education system, we are able to provide international students with the benefit of our local access and knowledge.

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We can’t recommend the best institution until we know the student. By learning about you and your needs, we’ll find a University that’s a perfect fit.

Simply Learning Tuition's academic assessment


After preparing a shortlist of Universities, we explain what grades and additional tests are required by each establishment, along with the deadlines which you will need to meet for a successful application.

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Competition for places is fierce, but understanding the UCAS system will give you the edge you need to increase your chances of success.

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Most of the UK’s leading Universities require an interview. By fully preparing the student for this interview, we’ll ensure the best possible chance of acceptance.

Apply to Oxford or Cambridge University


Choosing a university is only one part of the process; achieving the grades required and passing course specific tests is vital if your application is to succeed. Our A Level, BMAT, LNAT, and HAT tutors will help you with your journey. [links to A Level and other relevant tutoring pages]

Private Tutors help some students to pass their exams


Clearing shouldn’t leave you at your institution of last resort. By explaining the clearing process, our tutors will explain how to optimise your chances of finding the right university even at this late stage.


A-Level students getting exam results


Oxbridge institutions are the UK’s most demanding universities. Our tutors will show you how to stand head and shoulders above applicants from all over the world, perfecting your personal statement, your interview techniques, and helping you choose the right colleges and courses.

How to apply to Oxbridge


From time to time, the academic challenges of university life can be overwhelming. Simply Learning Tuition can place tutors to help students at graduate and postgraduate level to improve subject understanding, exam technique and essay and dissertation writing skills.

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