Along with Downside, Ampleforth and Ealing St Benedicts, Worth is one of the small family of Benedictine schools in the UK. Entrance is at 11+, 13 + and Sixth Form. You can read reviews of other UK Catholic schools in the SLT Schools Guide.

Worth has high academic standards, with a focus on adding value to each child’s education. However, the school’s unique selling point is the incredible sense of self afforded by the Benedictine teachings of the monks of Worth Abbey. Deputy Headmistress Anne Lynch explained to me that the boys can meet on a daily basis to attend services in the inspiring modern church, situated in the heart of the school grounds. There is a more significant Thursday Mass that involves the entire school community. Time spent in contemplation and with the guidance of the monks, encourages students to think about the wider world in everything they do. (The school has Days of Reflection and Ethos days). This cultivates a strong sense of community amongst the cohort – which lasts long beyond school. I was told that students have come back to visit and the same monks were there from 30 years ago (the monks take a vow of stability).

The school offers IB and A Level and a full range of extra curricular activities. They offer SEN support and private tuition from school teachers for any students who need a little extra help.

The qualities of worship, humility and service that are developed whilst at school tend to persist into future lives and careers. As Ms Lynch explained, part of the job of a good school is to prepare children not just for academic success but also for how to cope with life when things don’t go to plan. For parents who place a value on this, ‘broad church’ of development, Worth really does stand out as being a unique and excellent school.

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