The SLT Schools Guide features several Catholic schools, of which More House is one of the few based in central London. Although rooted in its traditional Catholic heritage, children of all faiths and cultures are embraced and valued. The school is fortunate to have its own chapel, where regular weekly services are held for girls and staff. These periods promote tolerance and understanding between different faiths.

The Deputy Head, Amanda Leach was very friendly and down to earth. Her demeanour was echoed by all staff, who appeared to be relaxed, but were working very hard.

The school caters for a range of academic abilities, including those children with Special Education Needs. A group of SEN teachers are available, along with other learning resources, who provide extra learning support for those who might need it, such as one-to-one tuition and small group lessons.

More House claims to be ‘a greenhouse not a hot house’. The largest class has 16 students and so children are often able to be given individual attention. This is especially prevalent when students reach sixth form, where class numbers can be as small as just two.

Sixth-formers have access to a common room and can enjoy their own living space. The school also houses fantastic drama and art facilities, making it ideal for those children who are creative. I was impressed with the new science laboratories but lack of space on site means sports are often played in Battersea Park or elsewhere. The building has four staircases but staggered lessons ease congestion in the hallways when girls move from one lesson to the next.

You can find more information on More House on their website. For further help finding the right school for your child, speak to an educational consultant.

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