Hampton Court House is a linguistic powerhouse. This love of languages comes from the founder Lady Houstoun-Boswall’s own love and study of languages, which inspired her to establish a school where children have the opportunity to gain fluency and confidence in foreign languages. Up until year 4, classes are taught in both English and French by native French teachers. As I was shown around the school by the registrar, Sarah Carroll, the reception class were singing a song to learn colours in French.

The focus on languages continues throughout the school with Mandarin, Latin, Spanish and German being introduced from year 5 onwards. All languages are taught by native speakers to ensure ‘the right accents’ are learnt from the start.

The school is also proud of its art and music. The Head of Music is an opera singer, and students are given regular opportunities to perform in concerts and shows. The art department is housed in dedicated outbuildings, with children’s artwork that covers every inch of the brick walls, giving a sense of the space belonging to them. Sport is timetabled once a week and there are organised games, usually football, at break and lunch times.

Despite the grand architecture and the sprawling surroundings of Bushey Park, the school has a warm and close-knit atmosphere. The school dog greeted us on arrival and there was a sense of calm as GCSE students sat on sofas around the grand fireplaces, playing chess and revising for their exams. Class sizes are small, each with approximately 15 children, and the teachers make an effort to get to know their students outside of class time. There is no school uniform. Instead students come to school dressed in ‘school appropriate’ clothing.

Although the students are given the freedom to pursue their individual talents and interests, the school is academically rigorous with strict homework schedules and impressive grades. With a curriculum rated ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED in 2013, students that choose to leave the school after Common Entrance 13 typically go on to a selection of top schools including Tiffin School, Kingston Grammar and Eton College. Headmaster, Guy Holloway, has been leading Hampton Court House closely with the Founders for many years to provide an education with a broad and global outlook, in a relaxed but hard-working atmosphere.

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