Clifton Lodge is a small and extremely friendly independent prep in West London. Headmaster, Mr Steadman appeared to know every child by name and happily spoke to each of them in the classrooms and corridors. Considerable building work and refurbishment has taken place in the last year, including a purpose built Early Years classroom block and refurbs to the science lab and art room.

Teachers appeared to be engaging and inspiring. Classes become smaller and more rigorous as the children progress, with the girls and some boys leaving at 11+. The remaining boys are fully prepared for their 13+ common entrance exams. It is Mr Steadman’s wish to see more boys joining the school and continuing to 13+. Unfortunately, the current SEN provision is limited, something Mr Steadman acknowledged needs work. He has recruited an Inclusion Officer to start in September 2015 to oversee SEN, English as an additional language and to provide support for Gifted and Talented children.

A focus on sport comes high on the list of Mr Steadman’s priorities for the school. (Mr Steadman is a previous captain of the Saracens). The Early Reception and Reception classes take games lessons in the school’s main building. Students from year two onwards are taken to a nearby sports ground for games and athletics. They are also taken to a nearby swimming pool for swimming lessons from specialist swim coaches.

Mr Steadman’s knowledge of the schools in London and surrounding areas is of real value to parents anxious about the selection of a senior school. Each child has a progress chart (hand drawn by the Headmaster himself) that tracks every area of the student’s performance. This provides parents with a realistic picture of their child’s academic ability and a small and select shortlist of suitable schools to apply to.

Read how Clifton Lodge compares to other London junior schools in our SLT Schools Review. For a more detailed view, or to learn about other schools like Clifton Lodge, speak to one of our educational consultants. Alternatively, you can visit their website for more information.

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