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Providing an introduction to a brilliant tutor or expert educational consultancy is only part of the help we can give your child.

Once you become our client we also help you build a strategy for your child’s education, and give you the straight-talking information you need to make decisions about your child’s future.

The aim is to optimise your child’s academic life, build the whole child then set them on their way in their post-academic world.

Our unique, comprehensive Careers Advice service shares our huge bank of life mentors, career opportunities, people networks, specialist academic insights and more with you and your child . Whether you need advice during the early years of your child’s education, helping them develop their interests, choosing the right university, or deciding what to do after a degree, we are here to help. We have strong connections in many professional fields and expert consultants to advise you on any step of your journey.

To register for pioneering articles and advice for your child’s education, join our ‘Passport for Life’ register. If you would like to find out more about or Careers Advice service, please use the enquiry form below.

The University Transition

Whether your child is thinking of applying to Oxbridge, an Ivy League college or a specialist drama school, we can introduce you to tutors who have recently been to those universities so that they can give their first hand experiences of their own courses and university life. As well as helping with applications, exams and interviews, a mentor who has been to that university will help them to handle the transition from home or boarding school. Insider tips, such as the best societies to join or the best halls of residence to live in, will help them to settle in quickly.

Careers and Networks

Preparing to leave the school system can be a time of great uncertainty. As part of our Passport for Life service we will share our network: if a student doesn’t know what they want to do as a career but they’d like to talk to a surgeon, banker or vet we can find someone. If your child wants to spend time on a film set or see what it’s like to work as an analyst, we can give them these introductions. We also regularly attend global forums to pick out the most up-to-date thoughts about the jobs of tomorrow and how to prepare your child for them.

School Alumni Mentoring

What if you’ve decided on the school you want but your child is lacking in confidence about their next step? Our Passport for Life service can help. If they need support and advice, we will be able to introduce them to a mentor; someone who has been to that school and is a member of its social networks. For example, if your child has just been accepted to Radley then they might want to speak to someone who’s been in their social (boarding house), helping them to settle in quickly.

Annual Review

We can actively manage the strategy for your child’s education, providing an annual overview of their progress both inside and outside of the classroom. During the review, we will set goals that can be broken down into manageable steps, creating a long-term vision that looks beyond current hurdles to forge a path to your child’s chosen career. When appropriate, we will introduce you to expert mentors and consultants who will help your child to explore their opportunities.

New Research in Education

When you register for Passport for Life, we will offer you complementary access to the cutting edge of education research, thinking and advice. We’ll deliver the very best information directly to your inbox, including insider tips from our expert academics and tutors. We also tweet daily about what’s going on in the news, and you will also be given full access to our SLT School Reports, giving you the first-hand knowledge taken from our school visits and meetings with head teachers and registrars.

Learning for Life

School is just one part of a child’s education of course. A lot of education comes outside, and we can provide a mentor to help your child talk about relationships, finance, vulnerabilities, gap years and more – third party advice from someone your child looks up to and isn’t necessarily their parent! By encouraging hobbies, sociability and work experience, this creates a more well-rounded individual than academic tutoring alone.

Meet our experts

We have an extensive network of mentors, consultants, tutors, experts, academics and opportunities at our fingertips.

Breaking into Hollywood Film Production

Jesse Israel is a Hollywood film executive and producer. He has worked as a consultant for over 10 years, helping young people to break their way into screenwriting and film production.

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Jesse is the Executive Vice President of Ineffable Pictures, and has had over 10 years of experience in the film industry, involved in the production of hit motion pictures including the Blind Side and PS I Love You.

Like many who are trying to break it into Hollywood, Jesse had no connections prior to starting out as a film producer. After graduating from Dartmouth and completing his masters in Motion Picture Production at the University of Southern California, Jesse moved straight to Hollywood, relying on hard work and a strong performance alone to reach the top of his game.

He has now worked as a consultant for 5 years, mentoring aspiring screenwriters and producers who are starting out in the dog-eat-dog world of film.

Drawing on his own experience, he can teach your child three skills which will help them to get ahead:

  1. How to study the entertainment industry, getting to know how production works, who does what and why some projects don’t work
  2. How to market yourself to film companies through personal branding and interview technique
  3. How to rise through the ranks by standing out from the crowd

If your child is passionate about film, Jesse can give them an action plan to make their dream job happen.

To hear more about the services Jesse offers, watch his introductory video.


The Lowdown on Careers in the City

Expert Ed Jonkler offers advice on working in many areas in the City. His invaluable experience has helped many people find careers in finance and other parts of the banking sector.

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Ed Jonkler spent several years working in a variety of city roles. His consultation service has been extrememly helpful for people trying to navigate the complexities of a career in the city.

“Since university Ed has been my most invaluable source of city guidance. Not only is his experience extensive and his contacts numerous, but he has an unparallelled gift for character assessment and career matching. No recruitment agency or other indeed city worker has given me comparable preparation for my chosen career path- Ed is encouraging, personable and ready to assist with every stage of the employment process. He helped me re draft my CV so it was ready for distribution- I’m certain this alone helped vastly broadened my opportunities. Not only is his preparation excellent but additionally Ed helped me prepare for my interviews, educate me onto what was to be expected of the work place and advised me of potential career progression which could be pursued.”

M&A Goldman Sachs Employee, London

“I’ve known Edward for over 4 years in a professional capacity, and watched him trade, learn new sectors quickly, seamlessly adapt to volatile markets, and eventually co-launch and run his own hedge fund. He is a capable and agile investor, with great understanding across the capital structure”

Managing Director, Equity Research, Merrill Lynch

“Ed is incredibly personable and  articulate. He helped me better understand the industry and sector in a clear and informative way which made me infinitely more confident when interviews approached”

“Edward and I have worked together for a number of years – he has a strong understanding of global markets, and the inner workings of buy side and sell side firms. He has done very well in his career in a short time and should be well placed to help others who want to do the same”

Executive Director, JP Morgan, Equity Trading.

“I’ve worked with Edward for a long time, and he has become a significant client in a short time. He has been responsible for managing commission/wallet as well as investing and trading, and so has developed a wide variety of contacts across the marketplace in the last few years. In terms of an understanding of how banks, their clients, and the markets function – i’d whole-heartedly recommend him as an advisor.”

Director, Equity Sales, JP Morgan

I have known Ed as a friend for a number of years. When I wanted to make a change and work at a bank, I approached him and asked for his help. He immediately swung into action, spending time with me to work out what I would be suited for, and then helped me send applications for a number of roles. I quickly got an interview slot at a large bank, and he spent another hour with me to prepare for questions that I would be asked. I felt prepared and more confident when I interviewed. I’m now in a full time position at the bank and looking to make a move into a trading role.

Trader, UBS


Entering the US college system

Eve Lemon has excelled in both the American and British university systems. Whether it helping with the application process, choosing a major or entering fraternities and sororities, Eve uses her experiences to help her students to settle into the top US colleges.

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Eve has studied extensively under both the British and American university systems. After spending her high school and college years in the US, attending Columbia University, she moved to Britain to study for a masters at St Andrews and a PGCSE at the University of Exeter. This has given her a strong comparative understanding of the US and UK university systems, and how daunting the differences can be, allowing her to prepare students in transitioning to either system.

She has helped students from the US, Britain and France in their applications to Ivy League colleges such as Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and

Yale. As well as providing information on both strong and realistic options, she can give guidance in preparing a personal statement, writing application essays, completing the Common Application form. She also mock interviews and tutors for the SAT.

In order to create a well-rounded application, Eve encourages her students to seek work experience. She has helped individuals to gain work experience as diverse as investment banking and interning at the Natural History Museum.


Communication and Presentation Coaching

Joanna Crosse is is an experienced communicator and broadcaster. She trains young people in the techniques they need to talk confidently, whether with a senior figure, or to a large audience.

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Joanna has an extensive background as a print journalist, broadcaster and television presenter with the BBC and ITV, and has published 5 books on the Art of Communication. She has coached police officers, lawyers, politicians, teachers, bankers and charity workers, helping them to find the confidence to perform at their best whilst being themselves.

Whether they face interviews, a presentation, the boardroom or sales calls, Joanna can help your child to perfect the art of communication. She offers practical techniques which help her students to know their audience, feel confident in their delivery, present information in an engaging way, and speak assertively and persuasively.

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We have appreciated the supportive, personal approach and calm professionalism that are the hall marks of The Simply Learning Tuition Agency

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A trustworthy, personal and bespoke service which has suited our ethos and provided helpful support.

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