An expert, personal assessment of your child’s ability

Whether embarking on a course of tuition, applying to a new school or just wanting to see how your child is getting on compared to their peers, a personalised assessment provides really valuable insight. Each assessment is designed by the SLT assessment team of expert educators; including senior tutors, teachers and educational consultants.

An in-depth analysis of your child’s strengths and weaknesses allows them to get the best from a course of private tuition. It enables you to pick the right schools and helps both of you set targets and goals that are stretching but realistic. We also provide more complex assessments relating to CELF and Speech and Language Processing Disorders and can provide access to Educational Psychologists to diagnose and help students overcome Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and behavioural issues.


Our assessment tutor will spend time with your child to discuss their attitude towards school and learning, their likes and dislikes and their personal goals. They’ll see what makes them tick and how they will look in the school’s eyes.

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

Many independent schools assess for these – if you like we will add it to the assessment.

Tailored Assessment Papers

These papers are tailored to each child. They are fun and satisfying for them to do, and the tutor can step up and down the hardness as the test goes on.

Written Report

This gives you an accurate record of your child’s ability and can be shared with teachers, tutors and schools admissions officers. Often it’s the key to a successful application to a new school. It can be used to encourage a teacher to work harder with your child, and tutors can use it to build an individual learning plan.

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