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  • United Kingdom

    Service: School or University Placement, Special Educational Need, Home Schooling, Mentoring and Wellbeing

    Age Range: From 5 to 11


    Our client was deeply concerned about her daughter’s progress at school, where she has been streamed three years below her chronological age and struggled with spoken and written English. She was also exhibiting behavioural issues.


    SLT immediately instigated a temporary home schooling programme. We then provided a full school placement service beginning with an Academic Assessment to enable us to shortlist the most appropriate schools. We conducted a tour of several schools with the family and shortlisted the best. We then applied to and secured a place at Hyde Park Prep School, providing continued support for the student’s academic progress and wellbeing. Four years on, we are now providing guidance for 11+ applications to London’s top tier Day Schools and competitive boarding schools.