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  • United Kingdom

    Service: Relocating Family, School or University Placement, Home Schooling

    Age Range: From 5 to 11


    Our client was relocating from Dubai at very short notice. As a result of unhelpful advice from a consultant, their daughter had been streamed into a year group two years below her age group. For such a socially mature child this had disastrous impact on her wellbeing.


    The girl’s academic level was two years behind her peers. This was because of family difficulties and ill health, rather than an inherent academic weakness. Our challenge was to persuade a new school that the girl was capable of making a relatively fast academic catch up. Following a successful school placement, we introduced tutors to support her transition and to fill in the gaps in her knowledge, build on the foundations of home schooling and help to establish a routine. As a result, the girl’s confidence, resilience and independence flourished.