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  • United Kingdom

    Service: Special Educational Need, Home Schooling, Holiday or Travelling Tuition, Mentoring and Wellbeing

    Age Range: From 5 to 11


    Our clients were a British/New Zealand family who wanted us to deliver a personalised learning programme for their two sons, one of whom was Gifted and Talented. It was vital that the tutor shared the family’s pedological and cultural values.


    SLT introduced tutors for three years. Each tutor provided a bespoke education, chosen by the boys’ parents to reflect their wishes over and above the national curriculum. We had to place tutors who would respect local customs and were willing to embrace a nomadic lifestyle, moving back to and from London almost monthly with the parents’ work. The boys were aged 9 and 11 and needed multidisciplinary, engaging, fun but firm tutors to work with them each day after school and at the weekends.